How to get rid of goose skin on the legs and shoulders forever

Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

“Goose bumps” occur in response to strong emotions or cold. Often these small lesions are not a temporary phenomenon but rather indicative of disease of the skin — follicular hyperkeratosis. More than 40 % of the population is exposed to this unpleasant aesthetic defect from birth, or acquire it for life.

Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

Rashes on the body

Follicular hyperkeratosis is a result of excessive tightening in the region of hair follicles. Because of this, the hairs can’t penetrate through the dense surface of the dermis and are twisted into knots. The reasons for this keratinization can be heredity, hormonal disorders and lack of vitamins A, C and D. Small rash occurs on the arms, hands, legs, outer thighs and buttocks. While there is no itching, inflammation or other painful sensations.

Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

Even “goose bumps” and is not considered a serious disease, but can greatly damage the life of its owner and cause a lot of complexes. The experience of dermatologists suggests that if there is a problem there’s the solution. “Goosebumps” cannot be cured completely but can be greatly reduced visible defects. To get rid of hateful pimple, a comprehensive approach is necessary. We suggest to take a few measures to combat this problem.

How to get rid of the “goose skin”

  1. Treatments
    Make friends with a bath and sauna. These procedures have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, contribute to their more gentle and deep cleansing. Steam and hot water soften the top layer of the skin, stimulate blood circulation and open the pores. Helps skin steaming under a hot shower or bath. Be sure the bath treatment drink mineral water.Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда
  2. Peeling
    After the skin is steamed in a bath, use acid peel or scrubs. Mix a handful of salt or sugar with oil and RUB in a circular motion into the skin until it gets red. This procedure exfoliates the dead cells and makes the skin smooth. Each time you visit soul use of loofah mitten. To achieve positive changes, celebrate the peeling 3 times a week with a mandatory application of the cream on the whole body.Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда
  3. Masks and wraps
    Skin with such a feature needs constant hydration, so often helped her wraps. Mix blue clay with water and a few drops of orange essential oil, apply on the skin, top cover with clingfilm and cover with a towel. After 30 minutes, wash away and apply a nourishing lotion.Excellent results showed masks with seaweed, after which the skin is saturated with moisture, vitamins and minerals. Can also try other types of body wraps: cranberry, chocolate, honey. To the mixture, you can add pharmaceutical vitamins A and E. These wraps should be done every two days for two months.

    Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

    Effective traditional medicines are well proven in the fight with rough skin. Take the fresh yeast and make the dough with milk and a small amount of flour. From risen dough, make a cake and put it on the problem areas.

    Skin rashes can “smooth out” daily bells and whistles of thick mucus flax seeds, potato starch, soaked oatmeal, aloe Vera pulp, sour cream with bee pollen.

    Onion peel is also perfectly eliminates the “goose skin”. For this you need to make an infusion of four tablespoons of dry husks and a Cup of vinegar. The tool soak in a dark place for 2 weeks, strain and apply to the affected areas for 30 minutes.

    Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

  4. Creams and ointments
    I make it a rule to RUB the skin with moisturizer morning and evening. Experts recommend to mix the cream with petroleum jelly and salicylic acid, as well as add vitamins a and E. There is another effective lotion which can be prepared at home. For this you need a cream with urea, boric acid, levomicetinom alcohol and salicylic acid that you need to mix in equal parts. Handle the problem areas of the skin morning and evening, and after a few days you will see the result. Then apply the mixture 1-2 times a week for prevention.

    These tools significantly reduce the number of pimples, when applied immediately after bath and peeling. In the summer, be sure to use sunscreen with a high SPF filter — it will not give the skin to zagrabiti under ultraviolet light.

    Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

  5. Food
    Treacherous bumps will disappear if you get the metabolism through proper diet. All of the above measures will help only temporarily, if the diet does not need vitamins: vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, herbs. Enough during the day to eat 1 orange and 1 Apple, salad not mayonnaise, and vegetable oil and sprinkle it with herbs and chopped nuts, providing the daily norm of vitamins. Start taking multivitamin complexes with a high content of zinc.Как избавиться от «гусиной кожи» на ногах и плечах навсегда

Apply all of these approaches is complex, and your skin will become smooth, cease to cause you discomfort. From “chills” will remain only memories. Finally you can feel free to wear revealing clothes and enjoy the touch of a loved one!

The skin is smooth and sleek, if the body is lack of vitamin E. be Sure to include in your diet foods that contain this antioxidant.

“Gusinaya leather” — a frequent companion of cellulite, especially in areas where it is difficult blood circulation in the tissues due to a sedentary lifestyle and tight synthetic clothing. Here come to the aid of regular rubbing with ordinary baking soda.

What other methods do you recommend to use to get rid of follicular hyperkeratosis? Be sure to tell us about your experience in the comments. You health and beauty!

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