How to get rid of words-parasites: three easy ways

Как избавиться от слов-паразитов: три простых способа

All the words that says people are its energy and strength. It is therefore very important to monitor the purity of their speech and to get rid of words-parasites. Three ways to clear the speech of unnecessary and even dangerous words.
Among the most common words-parasites are:

tapichalaca bolhouse already neodvisna of problemfixed have netherregions no no and the like.Think about how often you say those words under the influence of certain emotions and know that they still carry higher energy value.

It is worth noting that in psychology there is even a separate section that deals with psychological aspect of speech and words. And all because the human mind begins to believe what he says. That is, if you say “any worse”, then your subconscious accepts it as a call to action, or rather inaction and lowering arms.

Three ways to clean up your speech word-parasites:

1. Try not to complain about my life

All people have problems that sometimes throw me for a loop. But, first, it does not mean that life ends, and secondly, think if you really all bad. Take a look at the situation objectively, and if found no solution, try to paint everything on paper.

2. Revise vocabulary your and your loved ones

This is important not only to your personal growth if you think about it, of course, but also for your heirs. Children fully believe what they hear in the family from the loved ones. And this applies to babies who are not even talking. Bad words and words-parasites mainly with a negative message, harmful effect on the child’s mind. If he hears the father called the goat, and the mother is a fool, then the child will believe what his parents such is.

3. Remember the prophetic function words

Words tend to come true. So if you say your life is a headache or you can’t find a way out and a complete standstill, so it will happen. All because the brain believes you and almost does not distinguish truth from fiction.

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