How to get the most out of life

You will receive exactly what you believe in.

Як отримувати завжди максимум від життя

Be ready to make a reality of your dreams… Find the positive. Find grace. Find ecstasy in the midst of pain, informs Rus.Media.

You have outlined your intentions, have taken for their implementation, are working hard day to day, but your dreams somehow not in a hurry to become a reality. First of all try to understand one thing – you’re right. To be on the plateau is an important mile marker for any climb up, and a sign that you need to engage your soul and heart.

It would seem that an insurmountable obstacle – in fact, a great opportunity to reconnect with his own soul. In order to make up for his personal manual weaving of dreams and translate them into reality, you need these breaks or you simply can’t cope.

The key to happiness and prosperity is the ability to pay attention to the creative voice during your depression instead of trying to resist him, or close my ears not wanting to listen to his wisdom.

Go from passive idleness caused by erroneous notions that you supposedly still does not work, an active pursuit of your dream. Think about it… What if only a few small changes in your life will be able to unlock your way to your dream, and the universe is not only will put you obstacles, but will even help?

Most likely, you have felt the inner tip in the form of the voice of the subconscious, prophetic dreams, and the thoughts that come as if from nowhere – the signs that tell you that you should give up certain beliefs or habits in order to attract abundance, but not to push him away. Actually you already know in the depths of his soul, as to make a reality of all your dreams, but in case you need a couple of reminders, or a little push in the direction of your heart…

You will receive exactly what you believe in

The currency with which we pay for prosperity, for the feeling that you are alive, for the joy, beauty, love and inner peace is a sense of self-worth.

Self-esteem can find themselves and restore if you lost it, only by learning to accept yourself as you are – always and in all circumstances.

Don’t try to fit under the idea of happiness, success and “correct” other people’s lives. Even if you get it you will regret it. Feed your soul with good and loving thoughts, and it will help you to pay your debt to self-esteem in the blink of an eye. Self-esteem is generated by the ability to accept and love myself in all circumstances – and only them. Don’t chase someone else’s approval – the only person whose approval matters to you is yourself.

The ritual of unlocking abundance:

Learn how to release in your life to a place of abundance (and regain their self-esteem), clearly presenting you what you want. Just sit for a few minutes and quietly dream. Try to imagine what you are aiming for.

Stop thinking about what you have – be thankful for what you have

When you are freed from envy, anger or value judgements about other people and their success, you skyrockets. Now someone else’s success does not pull you down, and like a springboard throws you up. The ability to be grateful is the ability to say a firm “Yes!” to abundance is right here and right now. Believe that you will succeed, you already have everything you need in order to succeed. Gratitude is like a protective spell, not only attracting abundance, but also reflects the negative. The possibilities are endless, so use them!

The ritual of unlocking abundance:

Put your left hand on your heart. Place your right hand on the lower part of the abdomen. Take a deep breath and exhale. And after that sincerely, from my heart thank your destiny for everything in your life.

Regain control of your life – be what you want

If you want love, be loving person. If you want to make friends, be friendly. If you want to be forgiven, learn to forgive yourself.

Gratitude, like a magnet, attracts abundance, so always try to be grateful for everything in your life.

Any poison can be turned into a healing elixir, the only difference is in dosage and application. What was left of the soul emotional scars, they can heal, if we set our minds to it.

When you take responsibility for your actions, life story and their suffering, you look in the heart and find there the inspiring truths that have been with you all along – you just did not notice them. If you feel pain, you have experienced it not just. And your personal experience in recovery – the invaluable gift that you can share with the world. A gift that we can share you only.

The ritual of unlocking abundance:

Give yourself tasks for the day to be the energy that you want to get from this world, not forgetting about your aspirations and the meaning of life.

You need to give yourself the opportunity to be clumsy, to be a dreamer. In order to make mistakes, to play, to dream, to scream to the world about what you value, to discover all new and new heights. To love who you want and as you want. Carve your own path in life and enjoy life as it can do only you.

Find the positive. Find grace. Find ecstasy in everything – even pain. Find yourself.