How to get the smell of tobacco: cleaning and aromatization of premises

Some effective ways to get rid of tobacco smell in the room.

Як вивести запах тютюну: прибирання і ароматизація приміщення

For a person who does not smoke, there is nothing worse than the smell of tobacco. After spending a minute in a smoky room, you can not only suffocate, but also “soak up” the smell. Well, in this case for getting rid of odor you can just wash clothes and wash hair. Another thing, if the smell in your apartment. Here is a simple cleaning is not over. The smell of tobacco tends to absorb literally all around, and get rid of it is not so easy. It’s better to make repairs in the apartment: painted ceilings, Wallpaper glue, to replace the door. Then, of course, the smell will disappear, but the repair is quite costly and not suitable for everyone. Fortunately, there are a few other ways. So, how to get the smell of tobacco?

Cleaning of the apartment

So, let’s have a General cleaning in the apartment. It will include several stages, informs Rus.Media.

Step 1. First you need to remove all curtains and wash. If there are covers for furniture or capes, they also need to be washed or at least aired on the balcony.

Step 2. Wash all surfaces: floors, cabinets, countertops – water with addition of ammonia. This will help to remove the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in the apartment.

You can also use another proven tool for Housewives. Mix together ½ Cup of ammonia, 1/4 Cup baking soda and 1/4 Cup vinegar, then add 3 liters of water and stir well. With this solution it is necessary to wash the entire floor surface. You need to follow to divorce, otherwise you will not get rid of the smell of cigarettes. When the solution becomes dirty, change it.

Another way to remove the smell is to prepare a solution of Apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of approximately 2:1. This solution will help to remove the smell of tobacco from the surfaces of tables, shelves, cabinets and other furniture. Disadvantage of using this method: after cleaning should be well ventilated room, as the vinegar leaves behind a very strong smell. But with this solution you can lightly go Wallpaper, scrubbing them, but you have to wring out the cloth and do not RUB too hard.

Step 3. Removing tobacco smell from carpets.

All the carpets need to be cleaned out. The easiest option is to do it with the help of the vacuum cleaner with the addition of shampoo.

If you don’t have of the vacuum cleaner will have to use, say, manual labor. Remove odor from carpets you can do a special means for cleaning of carpets. First we need well vacuum the carpet. Then you need to prepare the solution: mix the water and any sabb for carpet cleaning until frothy. Foam applied with a sponge, MOP or brush on the carpet to light moisture. Then allow the carpet to dry and then vacuumed again. After that your carpet will no longer smell.

In winter it is best to clean the carpets on the street. This requires the carpet to twist and carry on a vacant lot preferably with untouched, pristine snow. You can bring it in the yard, if you have a place there for data manipulation. Carpet should be spread and throwing snow, and then just have a good shake. From the smell of smoke will not remain and a trace.

Step 4. Cleaning of furniture. The upholstery is also necessary to clean, wet vacuum or manually, using a special detergent.

Then your apartment will sparkle. We need to proceed with the aromatization of the room.

Як вивести запах тютюну: прибирання і ароматизація приміщення

Aromatization of premises

Generally better to buy a device for air purification. Some manufacturers engaged in production of such devices, ensure that the filters of these devices can purify the air from any kind of contamination.

But it is better to buy the ozone generator. Ozone is a very light gas, and easily absorb odors. It should be left on indoors for a couple of days and then well ventilated to remove the ozone contained in the air, because a couple of ozone is harmful to lungs.

Here are a few ways:

  • The aromatic oils. Get an essential oil with a scent you like. Essential oils are sold in pharmacies. Take a small bowl, preferably glass, sprinkle a little bit sea salt on top and squeeze 3-4 drops of oil. Unfortunately, this tool does not remove the smell, but only masks it.
  • When dealing with the tobacco smell you also can help your favorite perfume. On the light bulb in the table lamp need to spray your perfume. When you turn on the lamp, the room will be filled with your favorite scent.
  • Bleach. In solution with the bleach, you need to soak all soft toys, bedspreads and decorative pillows. After this procedure, the smell from the cigarettes disappear. You can also rinse all products out of fabric in the soda solution.
  • There is a popular tool to get rid of the smell in the apartment – you put freshly ground coffee in different capacities, place them around the house. Coffee will destroy the smell. In two weeks you should change to a new coffee, as it will no longer operate. You can repeat the procedure several times, until you realize that the smell of tobacco or cigarettes is gone forever. Many believe that salt and rice also have the ability to draw out odors.
  • Orange peel is also a good tool in the fight against the tobacco smell. It should be cut and folded into a bowl. Thus it will serve as a natural flavor in the air.
  • To combat the tobacco smell can help you a Bay leaf. You need to put it in the ashtray and there to burn. Then walk around the apartment with an ashtray. The smoke of Bay leaves overpower the smell of cigarette smoke, which will not be over.
  • There is the so-called “old-fashioned way to” get rid of the smell of tobacco: to soak a few cotton towels and hang them in all rooms. Wet towels quickly absorb the smell of cigarettes.

Now your house will not be over the smell. Enjoy the freshness of your apartment and let smoke for more to you are not refundable.