How to grow dill on the windowsill from seed

Learn how to grow dill at home: choosing varieties, soil.

Як виростити кріп на підвіконні з насіння

Dill is an annual spice plant, propagated by seeds. Loved by many Housewives, it is added to salads, soups and main dishes. The cultivation of fresh dill on the windowsill in the apartment requires some knowledge in farming practices and limited training. Will need a deep pot, soil and the seeds, informs Rus.Media.

How to choose grade

To harvest greens happy, you should choose a hardy and productive variety. The package should be stated that the plant grows well even in poor light and in a confined space. Dill in a pot is developing much worse than outdoors, so the choice of varieties must be treated carefully. Special seed material for cultivation in the conditions of the apartment by agriculturists until withdrawn. Good options for home farming:

  • “Sparsely bouquet”;
  • “Superduct”;
  • “Gribovsky”;
  • “Beam”.

Before sowing seeds are soaked for 12-24 hours in water at room temperature, in order to accelerate its development and growth in the earth.

Soil preparation

Як виростити кріп на підвіконні з насіння

Different cultures require different composition and soil quality. For growing dill is well suited light nourishing soil with a neutral reaction. You can also use all-purpose soil for planting, which is sold in garden stores.

Tip: dill grows quickly enough, and a good primer and so rich in all trace elements, so the greens in the pot does not require additional fertilizer.

In the house

In spring and autumn dill grows well on the South side, where more sunlight. In the summer of this culture a better place on the East or West windowsill, where it is not exposed to direct rays of the sun. If the apartment is not light enough dill will grow thin and devoid of taste – so you’ll have or come up with a source of artificial light, or to abandon this idea.

The choice of pot

Як виростити кріп на підвіконні з насіння

Mini-garden on the windowsill you can grow in virtually any container. The only requirement is that it should be individual pots to be able to carry out seeding with some frequency. The easiest way to use a ceramic or plastic flower pots, which is already in the house. The first is to focus on their own aesthetic preferences and for dill there is no difference in what capacity to grow.

IMPORTANT! The pot has to have holes for removal of excess water after watering.


An important point in the cultivation of any plant is its fit.

Crop stages:

  1. On the bottom of the pot to put drainage.
  2. Pour the soil and sealed.
  3. Put pre-soaked seeds at some distance from each other.
  4. Pour on top of the ground (or in a mixture of peat and humus) 2 cm thick, seal.
  5. Gently (through the strainer) to pour water of room temperature.
  6. Tighten the pot with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect until the first shoots.
  7. Keep the pots in bright and warm place at a temperature of about 20 degrees.

Care and watering

Як виростити кріп на підвіконні з насіння

The process of growing dill on the windowsill is regular watering. It is important to make sure that the soil does not dry out. Water that glass from the pot into the pan, immediately pour.

In addition to irrigation for normal development of the dill needs light. It is important to follow up on this point and, if necessary, provide artificial lighting in morning and evening hours. Fluorescent lights are fitted at a height of 50 cm from the pots. “Light day” for the greenery should last at least 15 hours a day.

Additional care tips:

  1. The optimum temperature of the air in the room +18 – +20 degrees.
  2. The warmer the room, the longer should be the “light day”.
  3. After germination in the first week it is advisable to open the window to the shoots of the plants are not stretched.
  4. When the weeds be removed immediately.
  5. The pots need to turn. To make the sprouts grow straight up and not leaning to the side.
  6. Easiest to grow herbs on the windowsill in the period from March to August.

IMPORTANT! If necessary, actively growing shoots can be pinch, it encourages branching and regrowth of new leaves.

The harvest

Як виростити кріп на підвіконні з насіння

Approximately 30 days after emergence to harvest.

To provide for a permanent presence of fresh, fragrant greenery – planting exercise on a weekly basis. Thus, it will be possible to regularly receive bunches of dill from the comfort of home.

Growing dill on the windowsill – a clear and simple process which will handle even the young children, but these tips will help. The beneficial properties of fennel and its pleasant flavor makes the greens indispensable in any kitchen. This spice plant contains in its composition a lot of vitamins and minerals required by the human. To have your own mini-garden on the windowsill is not only fun and delicious but also very useful.