How to grow ginger at home?

Almost all appreciated the useful properties and original taste of ginger. Winter is the best time for planting ginger root indoors.

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

Ginger – a unique plant that possesses medicinal properties, unusual taste and highly ornamental. This spice first appeared in Africa and China many years ago. It is readily eaten and used for medicinal purposes. All the beneficial properties of this plant are concentrated in its root system. Ginger root is used to treat colds, sea sickness and even in order to lose weight. For anybody not a secret that growing ginger at home for many gardeners is a usual thing. Although not all the familiar technology of cultivation of Oriental spices, informs Rus.Media.

How to grow ginger at home?

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

For many this process seems too complicated or even impossible. In fact, the secret is how to grow ginger at home, no, and everyone can do it very easily with minimal time and money.

Shoots and leaves of adult plants can be used for cooking a variety of salads. They are rich in vitamins and useful properties. For those who want to grow good quality Bud, cut off the leaves and stems is not recommended.

What to grow?

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

This would require quality planting material is the root, which should be with smooth surface and numerous shoots-eyes. Planting material that has the least damage, will not give any results. Out frozen old or too dry, the root is also not suitable for planting. You can buy it in any grocery supermarket.

Having root on hand, you need to choose the right planting container. It is worth considering that this plant is tall and in the home can reach one meter height. Therefore, planting of ginger is necessary to use not very deep, but wide pot. Ginger has strong roots that grow wide. So the pot should accommodate the entire root system so the plant was not crowded.

When to grow ginger root?

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

Winter is the best time for planting ginger root indoors. To stimulate the growth of buds, root dipped in warm water for three hours. From one root it is possible to grow a few plants. It is divided into two or three parts so that each area contains at least one point. Place slices treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Planting ginger root is carried out in a nutrient substrate of turf, leaf soil and sand in equal parts. This loose and lightweight soil mixture promotes proper root system development. On the bottom of the planting container is placed in a good drainage layer with a minimum thickness of five centimeters. It is best suitable stone.

Landing and conditions

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

The root planted in the ground, leaving only the surface of the eye. Observing all the rules of planting, two to three weeks, you can see the growth first young shoots.

  • In this period, the plants placed in a cool room with temperature not exceeding fifteen degrees and low humidity.
  • As soon as the plant will go into growth, it needs competent and timely care.
  • Given the fact that this plant is native of the tropics, in the process of growing it is necessary often and abundantly watered. To prevent waterlogged soil and rotting the root system, watering should be regular, and only after the upper drying earthen coma.
  • To maintain the required level of humidity, ginger is periodically sprayed from a spray bottle with warm water.
  • Despite the fact that it is a plant of the tropics, it is not tolerant of heat and grows poorly under the sun. Therefore, to grow ginger at home or garden needs in shading place.

Care sprouts

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

Fertilizing is one of the main conditions for successful cultivation of this exotic. For the power of ginger use both organic and mineral preparations, which contribute in turn. Fertilizers which contain potassium, necessary for proper growth and development of plants. Fertilizer, containing phosphorus, provides a lush flowering ginger.

By the way, with good care this plant can bloom in home conditions. This phenomenon can be observed in a few years.

Keeping the harvest

Як виростити імбир в домашніх умовах?

Roots shake from the remnants of the soil, cut the roots and the child lay on two or three days to dry.

  • Store the finished product in different forms. The roots are placed in a cool place with temperature not exceeding four degrees, for example, in the refrigerator. The product shelf life is several months.
  • There is another way of storing ginger: the root is cut into thin slices and dried. So ginger kept much longer, and its taste and aroma will be more intense.

As you can see, to grow ginger at home is easy. Adhering to the above technologies, you will be able to get a beautiful plant with large and very healthy tubers.