How to hint to the boss for a salary increase and not risk losing a job?

Easy to talk about the salary increase may not all, many need to make a certain effort.

Як натякнути шефові на підвищення зарплати і при цьому не ризикувати втратити роботу?

Choose a time

You can not ask for higher wages in the forehead. It is better to choose a good moment when the company signed a good contract, when the boss is in a good mood and he’s not busy with endless meetings, informs Rus.Media.

Discuss the average salary in the market

Desire increasing need to argue. To show your boss some examples of vacancies on the websites and make a rating of salaries for professionals with your experience. You must tell boss that you have more experience and skills.

Remember your successes

Prove that you are a valuable employee of the company and remind your boss of your accomplishments for six months or a year or two. Do not forget to specify, what income or benefits it has brought to your company.

Take additional responsibilities

If you’re expecting a salary higher than the market average, you should agree to take on additional responsibilities. For example, a small project or social media management, this firm will save you because will not take an individual employee, and just raise your salary.

Career growth

Inform that you work for a company, for example, 3 years, and you like to work you successfully cope with the volume of tasks, but you want to grow professionally and financially.

Go for it – fortune favors the bold!