How to identify palm oil in dairy products

We will tell you how to determine the quality of dairy products and to identify in them the presence of palm oil.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit and leaves of the oil palm. The product is extremely cheap, but, according to nutritionists, is quite dangerous for the human body. Due to the high melting temperature (38-40 °C), palm fat when it is eaten is not digested completely. It turns into something like clay and accumulates on the vessel walls, causing atherosclerosis, disturbances in metabolism and Oncology, informs Rus.Media.

In domestic products, palm oil began to add in the ‘ 90s, and its popularity is growing every year. This vegetable fat significantly reduces the cost of the product, allowing the producer to earn more. The oil is widely used in the manufacture of dairy products and confectionery.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах

Palm oil in dairy products

Cheese and sour cream

Milk fats melt at a temperature of 28-32 °C. It is therefore in the mouth and on the tongue there is a feeling greasy film, if you eat a spoonful of cottage cheese or sour cream with the addition of refractory palm oil. If at room temperature to keep cheese on the plate and he was covered with a yellow crust, but it will not change nor taste, nor smell, then most likely it palm. Natural will start to turn sour.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах

Ice cream

For the sake of experiment it is possible to make sacrifices and leave the ice cream just lying on the plate. Natural product, will become soft, while maintaining the shape, melt, as in the photo below. But the plant will be a long time to melt, and then transformed into a translucent liquid.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах


Cheese with vegetable fat easily identified by the characteristic soapy flavor. If the piece is too elastic, rubber when chewed or, on the contrary, it is crumbling when cutting (Parmesan exclude from suspects), palm oil, he failed to avoid. Outdoor fake expose to the wind quickly and crack.

If the piece to substitute for sunlight, then after a few minutes it will become soft, lose firmness. Counterfeit, on the contrary, becomes more dense, and its surface will appear drop of oil.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах


As in the case of cheese, fake butter will get stuck on the teeth, leaving the language of greasy. True gently melt. At room temperature natural oil will soften, butter with added vegetable fat to remain solid.

Try throwing a piece of butter on a warm pan: natural melt and the surface will remain white film and cereals. Plant, when melted, turn into a homogeneous liquid.

Як визначити пальмову олію в молочних продуктах

Finally I want to recommend: read the label carefully. The inscription “cheese product”, “cheese”, “gusenichka”, “cream” should be alerted, as the price of: natural and high quality product can not cost cheap too. Such products better to avoid. Designation GOST, specified on the package, in 95% of cases guarantees the absence of undesirable additives.

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