How to improve heart health without drugs

Как улучшить состояние сердца без лекарств

Scientists said that heart problems and other bodies are compounded because a person experiences feelings of high anxiety and stress. To cope with this without the use of medicines effectively helps meditation practice, experts say.

Stress and anxiety is detrimental to the myocardium that increase the intensity of the inflammatory processes in the body. Employees of the Technological University of Michigan presented at the meeting of the American psychological community, discovered evidence that just one hour of meditation practice leads to improved health.

“During one session of meditation within an hour, you can reduce the level of anxiety and stress, threat to the integrity of the heart,” said the authors of the project.

In the experiment, the meditation, which is the task of scientists was to engage the subjects, reduced the number of markers of mechanical stress in arteries, brain and kidneys, which in turn allowed us to avoid the development of hypertension.

“Meditation is the first defense against anxiety and depression” — summed up in the end, the researchers.


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