How to increase profits in 2019: 12 money talismans

Yellow Pig represents wealth, well-fed and quiet life, and the best means to attract financial good luck in 2019 – making of money of charms.

Як збільшити прибуток в 2019 році: 12 грошових талісманів


Take the piggy Bank in the form of a pig, put on the floor under the tree and say: “January came, rich year brought to me all of January to collect, and then a year to live. Piggy Bank-pig, open, money, pribaltica”, informs Rus.Media.

Then in the piggy Bank you need to flip a coin. The next day his purse should be put in the house in a conspicuous place and the whole of January every day to add at least one coin. The end of the month donate the money you desire. But the open the piggy Bank only after the end of the year.


Take a picture in which a pig must be shown not alone, but together with some symbol of wealth (cash, gold) hold over her hand and say: “February gilt, with me whether, I open the way, to me the whole month not need, but only to get rich.”

Then all of February keep your talisman to yourself.


This month you will help a small keychain with a picture of a pig. For him to say: “Mistress Martha, don’t be stingy with me wealth is gone. I not to suffer, the money account do not know.”

In March this keychain must be the keys to your home.


Sculpt from clay a pig nose. Put it and say these words: “Pig in the April income I say this: the patch when I be to the money on me to arrive”.

This mascot needs to touch the hand daily for a month.


Put in the pouch of the fir sprig and tangerine peel, and say: “my Gift, whether the whole of may with me, my wealth keep money in my house drives”.

In may this pouch to hang by the front door to the house.


Put in a Christmas card to a pig’s bristle or a piece of dry pork skins and speak: “In June with pork skin to go – the whole month to be rich. Pig to help me – money not to quit”.

This talisman is for the whole month need to carry in your purse or put in your Desk drawer and no one to show.


Put on a string bead pink color, speak a way: “the Color of pig skin, stay with me, my wealth is a pesky, I get money, from me misery whip”.


For this month, will fit a small plate with the image of the character. This talisman is to speak these words: “August came it found me, visited with me had lunch. To whom from it is – so the money does not count”.

Then the whole month every day you need to eat with that dish, at least on a small piece of any food.


For Sep stored acorns. Enough to attach to the at least one lace, posata over him: “‘ll save the Pigs a treat for joy and luck. Pigs to taste – I in September to get rich.”

Then the lace in the month of September you need to twist in your hand or wear on the neck at least for a few minutes a day.


Supplies the root of any plant. Wrap the root in a natural fabric yellow and speak: “delicious root will come a Pig-buddy – nutritious meal, to see me, mariaberget, I abundance to give.”

In October you need to put the root under the pillow.


For the penultimate month in the best way amiss pig’s tooth. To get it easy, should make such a request in the butcher series, or to those who cook jellied pig heads. To tooth should say: “Pig’s tooth adjure, prosperity call, not for a day not for two but for November. I was in November to spin money from me not to fight back, to flee, to please me”.

Those pig teeth in November to keep in a purse or handbag.


A piece of clay or clay fines will help you to live needlessly in the last month of the year. Clay is also able to deliver to the hostess of the year joyful minutes to wallow in her favorite pastime of Pigs. To the talisman, be sure to say, “Pigs in the mud and bathe me with debts in December not to be known, from poverty to run a lot of money to raise. As said, it will come true!”

But clay mascot should be put in the flower pot and every day for a month to pour it.