How to insulate winter shoes for “penny”

This method is proven really strong frost.

Як утеплити зимове взуття за "копійки"

Cold feet – the main cause of the common cold and colds in cold season. There are different ways to insulate the shoes: some people suggest putting a fur insole, others to put a sock denser. But best of all is valid in this simple method, often used by the tourists-hikers. This method is proven really strong frosts, informs Rus.Media.

To insulate the feet, you do not need to reinvent the wheel and chase the expensive insoles. Of course, it is best to take care about the high-quality leather shoes natural fur or to get a modern pair of shoes or boots nubuck. But if this is not possible, it will save the situation this penny method. Method, which is suitable for children and adult winter shoes.

For insulation, we offer you to use special insoles made from foil. The same insulation that is used for heat insulation and reflection of heat from the battery (a battery for paving such a foil, and warm air stays in the room).

For insulation of footwear will help insulation foil because it protects the foot from hypothermia.

All you need is to cut of a piece of such foil in the insole for size. As a sample, take the insole of their shoes, draw around it with a marker and carefully cut out with scissors. Then make the insole a few holes with a diameter of not more than 5 mm, It is extremely important that the feet are not Preli didn’t sweat in the shoes. This is often overlooked, but please note that it is essential for the health of the feet.

Як утеплити зимове взуття за "копійки"

Ready-made foil need to be placed on the bottom of the Shoe, put the usual, and you can wear. Even in the most severe frosts you will feel much better, the fingers will not be dorsati, and walking, can finally be fun.