How to keep romance in a rut

Как сохранить романтику в рутине

Almost every couple begins life together with the period, filled with romance. At this time we are interested in everything about our partner because we know a new person, and fall in love even more. But what if you have been together, examined each other from before and, it seems, romance is dissolved in a rut?First and foremost, do not despair and don’t give up! The bright passion that people experience at first, gradually develops into love, which is a deep feeling, based on care, mutual respect and understanding. This transition, as a rule, promises stability and peace in the relationship. This does not mean that your relationship has outlived its usefulness. They just need to be updated periodically.Below are 5 effective tips for heating up the cooled relations:1. Do not hesitate to talk with your partner and discuss any questions. In particular, and the ensuing chill in relations.2. Be interested in Hobbies of your man and be with him “on one wave”.3. Let’s take the opportunity to rest from each other for a while. So you quickly get bored and understand how the road to each other.4. Transform your appearance. Men love variety and grooming.5. Do not hang up and do not impose. Independent women have great success with men

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