How to learn flashing joke: six useful tips

Как научиться искрометно шутить: шесть полезных советов

Have a sense of humor can help a person in everything – in relationships, in solving business issues in development. But speaking of sense of humor, I mean not only a person’s ability to joke and make others laugh, but to laugh and appreciate wit yourself. Chartered psychologist Anna Litvinchuk explained why the person is important to have a sense of humor and like to learn a sparkling joke.
“A sense of humor is important in social terms. Clever people like them make connections and maintain friendships. They are more light and relaxed in communication, it is easier to establish contact and find a common language with others, and resolve conflicts. On the whole, the skill with irony and a smile to look at the world in itself is another protective function of the organism”, – says the expert.

Accessible to everyone means the comic was described by the teacher and inventor Yuri Tamberg in the book “How to develop a sense of humor.” Here are some universal tips, following which you can learn not only sparkling joke, but just to enjoy life.

1. Learn to see the comic

Wit implies the ability to distinguish good from bad — to know the norms of behavior and to recognize deviations from them. You can joke about stupidity, laziness, careerism, greed, immaturity and other human vices. But, ridiculing the shortcomings do not go to the individual — the humor should be good.

2. Use of the Association

Learn to find similarities between disparate phenomena. The ability to hold paradoxical analogy will help and witty joke, and to see the world from a different angle. Remember the school curriculum. Tropes and stylistic figures (metaphor, metonymy, hyperbole, impersonation, rhetorical questions) is a great basis for witty remarks.

3. Don’t be afraid of the absurd

Spoken at the right time “impenetrable stupidity” can defuse the situation. People with a sense of humor will definitely notice a logical error and will appreciate your ingenuity.

4. Try to rhyme

Jokes in verse form and remembered for a long time talking about the versatility of the author. Few know that the master of this genre was A. S. Pushkin (“I am captivated, I am fascinated, in a word — I Goncharova!”).

For those who are not amenable to classic rhymes, there are genres of Internet folklore “pie” and “powder” (lazy and fat and a wide / is a seal on the shore / I’m not a seal but just the same / can).

5. Broaden your horizons

The development of a sense of humor contributes to a broad knowledge — read books, communicate with smart people, and increase your vocabulary.

6. Fight against the enemies of humor

Don’t let yourself lose heart, give up the idea that in a world dominated by negativity, and find time for relaxation, because mental and physical fatigue discolor life.

The psychologist explains that by learning to joke witty and straight, you will be able to conquer any audience, save themselves and others from autumn Blues and survive any hardships of life. Remember that before the those who go through life laughing, opened many doors.

However, don’t forget about the nice bonuses of laughter and jokes. For example, laughing, we look younger. It is a proven fact: scientists from Stanford University conducted a relevant study. In the result, it was found that when laughter is involved 16 the facial muscles, which movement contributes to a better access of oxygen to them, and it affects how our face looks.

In addition, Litvinchuk said, laughing also triggers the release of endorphins in the blood as it stimulates certain areas of the brain, and this in turn makes us feel happier. Another interesting physiological observation: in cases of watching humorous programs, in the saliva was detected much more immunocompetent cells in comparison with those who did not laugh.

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