How to learn to be happy every day: seven simple steps

Как научиться быть счастливым каждый день: семь простых шагов

Happiness is a state of mind. In particular, this state of “well-being and satisfaction”. Learn to be happy it is possible consciously. How to learn and how to become happier today Today.Lifestyle told the doctor-the psychologist Olga Miroshnikova.
Some people, when they hear the word “happiness”, I believe what it says about emotions such as pleasure or joy, Natalia says. For them it is what they feel here and now.

“Long-term satisfaction with life was felt most when we accept the emotion of joy here and now. And we achieve this by making steps every day to be happy,” – said Miroshnikov.

Your attention, here are seven tips to become happy today:

1. Make happiness a happy choice you choose every day. Happiness is not the result of current circumstances, on the contrary, happiness is a choice. We ourselves determine what brings us joy and can use it.

2. Focus on the good. In our life there is always something good: we’re alive, we are fed, we are healthy, we have family and friends, and we have the opportunity every day to do meaningful work. This means that our life is good, which we can focus. Happy people focus on happy thoughts.

3. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Live your own life and create it the way you like.

4. Do not waste your life on unnecessary physical things. The property is necessary for life, but we often mix consumerism with happiness. We sacrifice time, money, energy, and focus on the searching and accumulation of what we don’t need.

Как научиться быть счастливым каждый день: семь простых шагов

5. Be present in your relationship. Research shows that close relationship, more than money or fame, make people happy throughout their life. These relationships protect people from life’s troubles and are the best predictors of a long and happy life, than social class, IQ, or even genes.

6. Develop healthy habits. They improve the quality and duration of life.

Spend more time on ulcerative healthy pitaniesredstva do sportability куритьВысыпайтесь7. The most effective way to long-term happiness and satisfaction is not only to look to their own interests, but the interests of others. When we are distracted from ourselves, we live more meaningful and significant life.

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