How to learn to make more out of life: three important Council

Как научиться принимать от жизни больше: три важных совета

If you feel uncomfortable and you feel embarrassed when you praise or a compliment, when you admire or are you just saying nice things about you, so you can’t take more from life is good. By the way, to accept gifts without embarrassment is also important. How to teach man to give the right gifts, we have already written. If you do not learn how to take nice and good to your address, this creates the risk that you will remain only with what you have. How to learn to take from life more, said the psychologist Natalia Kholodenko.

“We all think that the amount of money, compliments, gifts, travel and depend on external circumstances and other people. But as soon as you increase your ability to get something for nothing, greedy people begin to walk on the other side of the street. And even if you accidentally collide, you will each other is indifferent”, – she wrote on Facebook and gave three important Council, for example, the relationship.

1. Train your psyche

Imagine that you have so many exciting romantic experiences as you want. What are you listening to the most incredible admiration for its beauty, hugs you nice people. Be creative and capitivates. When I imagine the max – tighten the picture another 10% for the better. It would seem, well what better – and more plus 10% off! Train your mind like a muscle.

2. Perform group fantasy

You need to learn not to be ashamed of their actions and their voice. Sit down in a circle of 2-5 friends and in turn tell their dreams in this field. The closer your story to the imagination, which you yourself confessed in private the better.

3. Turn fantasies into reality

Imagine all that you have going on in life. And start in real time to behave as if all this romance is real. Now you buy products, like a woman after a special SMS, which caused some exciting smile, then you talk with a colleague as beauty, which well, can not tell, but the excitement in his eyes.

“If you want real transformation in life – they have to happen first in fantasy and then at the level of behavior and body” – summed up Kholodenko.

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