How to lose weight and get rid of belly fat with ginger

Как похудеть и избавиться от жира на животе с помощью имбиря

Ginger is known as anti-inflammatory. But did you know that it is also effective for losing weight and burning belly fat? Belly fat appears for various reasons, including overeating, hormonal disruption, lack of exercise and stress. Ginger helps to eliminate all these causes. How to lose weight with ginger?

Как похудеть и избавиться от жира на животе с помощью имбиряGinger is good for digestion

Ginger suppresses the appetite by regulating the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Squeeze the juice of a few slices of ginger in a glass of water, drink before eating – and you get a good digestion.

Ginger reduces the level of cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone involved in the development of stress reactions. But chronic stress significantly increases the level of cortisol, which invariably leads to weight gain and the appearance of belly fat. Ginger also lowers cortisol levels.

Ginger – energetic

Ginger in its properties similar to caffeine, it gives the body vigor and strength, which is very important for an effective workout, because with their help we burn fat.

Ginger retains a sense of satiety

Ginger helps us feel full and therefore eat less. This root is a natural remedy to reduce appetite. Ginger has almost no calories, so it can safely be used in cooking or to make tea.

Ginger triggers metabolism

Ginger has thermogenesis effect: it increases body temperature and speeds up metabolism. As a result, we burn more fat.

Как похудеть и избавиться от жира на животе с помощью имбиря

How to lose weight with ginger?

Tell how to benefit from this root.

Before eating, chew a thin slice of ginger

This will help to regulate the metabolism, improve digestion and give strength.

Use ginger in cooking

Heat treatment of ginger to 6 minutes only improves their beneficial properties. So use it in all dishes where possible. Adding ginger at the end that it has not lost its properties, but warmed up enough to release the antioxidants.

Как похудеть и избавиться от жира на животе с помощью имбиря

Drink ginger-lemon tea

  • 2 tsp. dry ginger 5 cm fresh root
  • 1 liter of water
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 5 ml stevia or honey

Cut the ginger into small pieces, pour boiling water for 5 minutes and cover. After add honey and lemon juice.It is better not to drink this tea in the evening because ginger has stimulating effects.

What to expect from ginger for weight loss

Do not think that you will be able to lose weight only with the help of ginger, doing nothing. It really helps to lose weight but in combination with other equally important actions – eating right and exercise just need.

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