How to lose weight if no time: 8 techniques for extremely busy people

Как похудеть, если нет времени: 8 приемов для очень занятых людей

Have you been through this? Work 10 hours a day, without raising his head. Or the boss does not allow you to leave the office for lunch and snack is only a couple of minutes. Or just recently became a mother and all the time devoted to care for the baby. At different times I had such a crazy life. I have often asked myself the question:
“Where to find the time to cook healthy meals or go to the gym or how to lose weight if no time and when there is so much to do?” And if your associates also become constant stress and idea of how to lose weight if there is not one extra minute right now, take a deep breath and relax. Here are 8 very simple techniques that have helped me to combat excess weight!

1. Throw away all “junk” food from your kitchen

Yes, the process is very painful, but to do this I had to. Checked the cupboards, the fridge, the pantry and throw out all their chocolate bars, chips, crackers, ice cream and similar products. After all, when you never have enough time, then the hands themselves are not to healthy food, and to these “hazards”. And it derails the entire weight loss program. So, how to lose weight?

2. Place healthy foods at eye level

After I was released from harmful food, you had to make a supply of healthy foods and snacks. Another way how to lose weight if no time to place healthy foods best right at eye level so that you can immediately see and get! So I put on the centre shelf of the refrigerator natural yogurt in the foreground of the kitchen cabinets do not put pasta, brown rice and buckwheat. Filled the vase, which had been, biscuits, fresh fruit, and put it on the kitchen table.

Как похудеть, если нет времени: 8 приемов для очень занятых людей

3. Make fitness in your diary

My diary was always full and when I worked in the office, and when I became a freelancer. I check constantly in order not to forget anything. A special pleasure to mark “done!” at the end of the day. And if you do the same with workouts – even homemade – that you can lose weight much faster. It is a question of psychology: everything included in the schedule, is perceived as a binding business – as well as a meeting with an important client.

4. How to lose weight if no time? Prepare food for future use

Even the busiest CEO or new mommy can allocate a couple of hours on Sunday to cook a few dishes-the basics for proper nutrition during the weekdays. This strategy is called “how to lose weight if no time to cook,” I checked myself. It’s simple: boil a large pot of brown rice, bake a big pan of vegetables and chicken in a slow cooker, make homemade tomato sauce. All these dishes are perfectly stored in the refrigerator and may in various combinations be used for lunch or dinner throughout the week. Only need a little time to warm up.

5. Don’t trust coffee

Traditional morning coffee is one thing. But being under stress, time pressure and deadlines, I want to cheer up during the day and get a dose of energy. The easiest way seems to be a Cup of coffee. And even better – accompanied by something sweet. However, after the first tidal forces effect of coffee disappears and I feel even more tired and even more craving for caffeine and sugar. So you should try another way next time, when you feel fatigued, just take a walk (at least in the apartment) or do some simple exercises.

6. Always carry healthy snacks

I learned to carry a useful and non-perishable snacks in a bag and keep them in your Desk drawer. Now appetite never catches me off guard. The best choice for me were the dried fruits and nuts – but only carefully measure out the portion that inspired the work, not to exceed the caloric intake of these products. Pear, Apple, Mandarin is also well tolerate a trip in the bag and come to the aid of losing weight.

Как похудеть, если нет времени: 8 приемов для очень занятых людей

7. Find a company for training

To find someone to train together and compete – that’s a good answer to the question “how to lose weight if no time.” These classes will bring more use and enjoyment. It’s not even that hard to train one. The fact that it is harder to neglect a workout if you know somebody waiting in the hall exactly at 19.30! And even if you do not go to the fitness club and to train at home, to go together to result more fun.

8. Learn to cook a few meals in a hurry

This is a great strategy for those late nights when I’m exhausted I came home and thought it reason enough to eat something fatty and high in calories. The output was simple. I found some recipes for healthy dishes that require little or no time to prepare. And took stock of the ingredients for these dishes. Instead of having to order pizza or rolls (in the depths of the soul lamenting “how to lose weight with all of this!”), you can cook your own fast food. Brown rice with vegetables – a great option: you only need to unfreeze the vegetable mixture and mix it with pre-cooked rice. Healthy dinner – just a couple of minutes!

Even if there’s no time, these simple techniques will help to make small changes in life and to get rid of extra pounds. Try it!

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