How to lose weight in sedentary work. 10 simple tips

Как похудеть при сидячей работе. 10 простых советов

Sedentary work increases the risk of weight gain. No matter you work at office or home. Studies have shown that the body of those who during the day sits mostly, consumes 1000 calories less than those who are engaged in physical labor. That is why frequent companions of knowledge workers – excess weight, cellulite and lack of waist. How to keep a slender figure? How to lose weight in sedentary work?

How to lose weight in sedentary work in the office: 5 ways

40 hours of sedentary work per week can have a negative impact on the figure. Even if you avoid the corporate Lunches and dinners. And even if you hide every time the birthday colleagues office there cake. How to change your office life to get rid of excess weight?

1. Bring a whopper

To lose weight in sedentary work, the rule is to bring a lunch with you, and not to go with colleagues to the nearest cafe for a business lunch. The best option would be a large portion of salad. It has few calories and lots of fiber. You can afford a whole bowl of vegetables without any harm to the waist. Use lettuce, greens, various vegetables, and add lean protein – chicken, Turkey, chickpeas, lentils, cottage cheese. Don’t forget to bring low – calorie dressing such as yogurt lemon juice and mustard. This homemade lunch will save not only calories, but money. Every day use different combinations of vegetables, protein and filling to lunch at work at noon was not boring, and bright and healthy!

Как похудеть при сидячей работе. 10 простых советов

2. Increase calorie consumption

Use any opportunity to get up from your Desk and move. This is the surest way to lose weight while having a Desk job with health benefits. You can go to the window, to go to a nearby office to take the documents signed, pick up a folder in another Department. Try to choose long routes. If you have a large office building, then give up the Elevator and walk up the stairs.

During the lunch break, you can not only sit in social networks or make purchases in online stores. Try to use this time to burn extra calories. You can go Jogging, ride a bike, go to the nearest fitness club in the afternoon session. Sounds too extreme? Then you can just walk down the street. This will allow you to burn extra calories and put a tick in the section “daily activity”. But also will relieve the brain from work problems and stress, which often lead to overeating. Remember: sitting all day is unhealthy – not only for the waistline!

3. Find yourself a support in the office

It’s hard to watch your figure when colleagues are urged not to do stuff and buy the next candy. But there is a way to wrap the energy office plankton in favor of weight loss. Surely there are among your colleagues by those who also wants to lose weight. All you need to do is join the group. The competition will help to watch your diet, to resist the temptations and to move more. Who wants to play in the race called “lose weight in sedentary work”? And to make the process more fun, use a system of monetary fines. If a week has failed to lose a single gram, put a certain amount in the common Fund. Then the money can be given to the winner or sent to charity.

4. Keep in the office fridge healthy snacks

Well that colleagues are so fond of to bake and bring to the office their culinary masterpieces. But let’s face it: this dish with homemade biscuits and cakes in the office kitchen is able to withdraw far from a slender figure. Therefore, the surest way to avoid temptation is to keep in the fridge or in the drawer of healthy snacks. Yogurt, fruit, sliced vegetables (sweet carrots, for example), muesli bars, nuts – all this is much better for the waistline than a cake!

Как похудеть при сидячей работе. 10 простых советов

5. Drink water

Water is the best friend of those who need to lose weight in sedentary work. So don’t forget about your drinking normal. Put the bottle on the Desk and SIP during the day. Water not only adds calories, but also creates a sense of fullness that will prevent overeating. If you often forget about water, put a reminder on your phone in order to do a few SIPS. You can use an alarm differently to get up and go to the office water cooler. And calorie consumption will increase.

How to lose weight while sitting at home

If you work at home, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle, there is still one problem – the kitchen. Its immediate proximity plays against you. How to avoid temptation and lose weight?

1. Move as much as possible

Throw in the last 5 minutes of each working hour fitness pause. Do some simple exercises: plank, walk on the spot with high knee, and leg swings. On YouTube you can find a suitable version of the super-short workout. This will not only spend the calories, but also give the opportunity to escape from business problems and to give the brain a rest. More about how to spend more calories if you work at home.

2. Select the power mode

Eat strictly by the hour and only for the dining table. Disable yourself to carry food and drinks at the Desk. Not to miss the meal, set reminders on your phone or get an alarm clock. Until the signal is sounded – the entrance to the kitchen is prohibited.

3. Plan your menu in advance

In the evening, make the menu for the next day – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Attach it to the fridge or cupboard. This will help to avoid the temptation to grab some sandwiches to eat when there is no time to ponder that today with food. To lose weight in sedentary work, make a menu of healthy foods and refrain from processed foods. No time to cook?

Как похудеть при сидячей работе. 10 простых советов

4. Keep healthy food

When a lot of work, you are unlikely to spend the time to slice fresh vegetables or look for the fruit drawer of the refrigerator when the time comes snack. So prepare everything in advance – in the morning. Cut into cubes carrots, celery, cucumber, sweet pepper. Make a thick sauce for vegetables – mix soft cottage cheese with lemon juice and herbs. Put this in the fridge at eye level. On the kitchen table keep fresh, washed fruits and chocolates and biscuits put into the far corner of the wardrobe. Now is a good snacking!

5. Use the method of “two in one”

Try to combine work and fitness, replacing your Desk chair with an exercise ball. So you can burn more calories, improve posture and strengthen the muscles, without detracting from the computer.

Sedentary work – is not a sentence to a slender figure. It is a challenge to your imagination, persistence and perseverance. Applying these simple tips, you can lose weight, even if most of the day you spend in the company with a chair and a table.

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