How to lose weight on vacation: tips champion of Ukraine in fitness

Как похудеть в отпуске: советы чемпионки Украины по фитнесу

How to lose weight on vacation: tips champion of Ukraine in fitness
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Traveling is a great opportunity to get emotions from experience, and not from food.

Champion of Ukraine in fitness and bodybuilding Eugene Marshall sure your holiday is a perfect time to bring your body in shape. Journey – “good stress” and the opportunity to replace emotional eating for emotional new experiences, writes to NewsOne.

How to lose weight on vacation

  1. go on trips, swim, play games, build with the kids sand castles, go to discos, meet new people;
  2. plan your day – the most interesting events saturate;
  3. think about food as fuel for new discoveries, not as a pleasure;
  4. choose food and meals that are close to your power and which you are aware;
  5. in stores carefully read the composition on the packaging and choose products with the fewest harmful or unknown ingredients;
  6. on the packaging, examine the amount of sugar and nutritional value, pay attention to product weight and rate the benefit/harm before decision to buy it;
  7. try not to go to the departments with pastries and alcohol;

How to eat on vacation

  • for Breakfast choose oatmeal or muesli, bread with bran, low-fat cottage cheese, omelettes with vegetables, salads, eggs, rice, couscous, pasta from durum, fruits and berries;
  • replace dessert with dried fruit and fruit. If very much want to stay on the sweet and tasty – eat grapefruits, green apples, nuts and seeds. Before lunch can I have some popcorn or sorbet ice – cream on fruit juice;
  • for dinner suit low-fat soups, vegetables, salads, meat, cereals, fish;
  • for dinner indulge yourself with seafood + green vegetables, avocados;
  • a cocktail you can afford in two nights for the holidays, preferably based on wine and fruit;

That is in the restaurant

Plan initially, stay one night on vacation for the holiday dinner and allow yourself to eat what you really want to try out the local cuisine.

The restaurant give preference to lean meats and vegetables, and ask the waiter not to add to the cooking sauce, or ask them to bring it separately. It is desirable that it was olive oil, mustard or balsamic vinegar.


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