How to lose weight tips the main dietician of Ministry of health

Как похудеть к лету: советы главного диетолога Минздрава

Chief freelance nutritionist MoH Victor tutelian told in interview to Agency “Interfax”, how to lose weight for the summer.

According to Tutelian, 55% of the population in Russia live with overweight, of these, 25% suffer from obesity. Women with obesity are about 10% more than men, and it is dangerous primarily to the development of diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Often people simply do not know, said the nutritionist.

“It happened that to overweight we are still treated with ease, not giving importance to this very insidious symptom. And it leads to serious consequences,” he complained.

To lose weight, there are tricks, said the nutritionist. The doctor, in particular, advises is not in the kitchen, and in the other room.

“You in the kitchen the fridge next. And if you go – it is laziness. Then still need to eat from small plates, to food it seemed a lot. This is a purely psychological ploy,” said he.

Tutelian advises to exclude from the diet of frankfurters, wieners and sausages (they contain a lot of fat), and instead eat vegetables and fruits. Bread should be eaten only whole grain or from flour. In addition, the rush during a meal impossible.

“Eat it slowly. We all know that the difference between the saturation of the real and psychological – about 20-25 minutes. Consciously slower is harder because you’re hungry and want everything immediately. But if put on a plate of greens a little more, until you eat it all neatly, just 20 minutes passes,” advised the nutritionist.

Do not get involved in confectionery, and sugar intake should be limited, he added tutelian.