How to make a first impression: three winning ways

Как произвести первое впечатление: три верных способа

Very common phrase “meet on clothes, escorted to the mind”, of course, has every reason to exist, but appearance isn’t everything. After you saw, it is important to pay attention to other aspects of communication. Three faithful steps to make a good first impression.

1.Be careful and honest

During communication it is important to answer questions clearly, plainly and frankly, not changing the subject, not being distracted by other people and not starting to lie. If you do not want to answer a question, it is better to say: “I would not like to answer now to this question” or “Let’s discuss this another time”.

Candor is important if you plan to continue communication with this person. If you don’t like something – it is better to say so at once, but do it delicately and cautiously. It’s still better than to gloss over something, and then dumped everything on the person that you have accumulated. And remember that to be able to communicate with people is an important skill that needs to be encouraged.

2. Natural

When meeting a new person, try to behave as natural as possible. Do not invent any special stories, don’t try to be anything, be yourself. Natural effect on people magically, conquering their hearts. To make someone a good first impression, just try to highlight your strengths.

Как произвести первое впечатление: три верных способа

3. Honesty

Honesty is an important factor in any relationship, whether it be your new business partner, a potential friend or loved one. Hardly anyone will be able to trust fully, if the source is not honest. Remember that everything you hide, sooner or later will be known, and may destroy what you value.

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