How to make a folding stool

PHOTO : MIR / Svetlana Rodina


Folding stool can protect any host from the invasion of unexpected guests. Besides, it is easy to do yourself and easy to store.

To create a stool needs three workpiece height 400 and 430 and a width of 300 mm. They can be made from a sheet of plywood, cut out rectangles of the right size with a jigsaw.

Below the seat was comfortable, you should round the corners of the resulting parts. Cut them exactly will help, for example conventional Bank. It needs to be applied to corner and circle the subject of writing, and then to cut off the angle along these lines. It is equally important to make the chair smooth, removing the burrs grinding machine.

The next step is to properly connect the parts using screws and hinges for furniture. The leg of the stool need to connect with a small rectangle, and after that fasten it to the seat. For convenience, the stool can drill a small hole to be hanged.

Manufacturing stool with their hands and many other useful hacking, see the “cheaper” on the TV channel “MIR”.