How to make drainage in the garden

Preparation and characteristics of performance.

Як зробити дренаж на садовій ділянці

Unfortunately, many gardeners do not have the option of selecting a garden site, and have to take what offers the architectural Department. During operation, many are beginning to understand that the area is caught with a high humidity level. For this reason, vegetation ceases to fully grow and starts to hurt. But this is not the worst. Worse, when it comes to flooding the Foundation of the house and outbuildings, basement. To avoid these problems it is possible if correctly to arrange the drainage area with your hands. It’s easy to do, and the time to bookmark this system will need no more than a week, informs Rus.Media.

The types of drainage systems for a suburban area

There are several ways how to make a drainage area with your hands:

  • The surface drainage system.
  • The arrangement of the local drainage system.
  • Strip ditches.
  • Deep drainage of closed type.

Як зробити дренаж на садовій ділянці

The use of a particular method depends on the nature of flooding of a garden plot. On clay soils, which tend to trap sediments, on the surface it is necessary to make an open drainage system. It will provide an outflow of water from the surface. Very often, the flooding of suburban areas is due to a close passage of groundwater to the earth’s surface. So with the arrival of spring the house Foundation and basement are in the water. To solve this problem only by creating a closed system of drainage.

Surface drainage area

Surface drainage area with your hands can make every gardener. This project could be implemented as a scheme, and without it. The simplest option is the local drainage, there are only in areas of flooding. This system is used only during flooding problem areas. The capacity for water intake, for example, drain well, dig in the soil in places where large amounts of water. The accumulated water is used for watering the garden.

Most often water is collected in the following locations:

  • In the recesses of the soil formed in connection with the uneven terrain.
  • On sloping sites close to a terrace or porch.
  • Where does the drain in the garden.

Sometimes the congestion can be on the boundary of the site. In this case, it is necessary to dig a trench to divert the water beyond.

Drainage ditches

Strip ditches across the site – this is the most profitable options for creating drainage on clay soils. Before you make such a system, it is necessary to draw a plan for the laying of ditches and the laying of the pit for receiving sewage.

The number and distance between gutters will be determined by the extent of the waterlogged garden. The greater the flooding, the greater the need to dig ditches. It depends also on the type of soil: clay soils need more. To get the maximum benefit from such a system, dig a ditch depth of fifty centimeters. The width of the trenches will depend on proximity to the intake of water. Drain all water from the surrounding trenches you have to dig a broad ditch. From it water will drain directly into the well.

Як зробити дренаж на садовій ділянці

The quality and performance of the gutters you need to check before they “connect” to the system. Then there would be no need for the dismantling of this design. It is very simple. High pressure water from several hoses allowed in the trenches. If the water drains rapidly into the well, then, laying trenches were carried out successfully. In areas where water flow slows down, you need to make a larger slope.

The decor of the ditches

Once the drainage system is made, it is possible to engage in the process of decorating. Because, you see, kind of dug pits in the middle of a suburban area, a little like me. They can skillfully cover using, for example, gravel of different factions. At the bottom are placed large stones, and the top is small. On top of the gravel can be nice to put painted blue decorative gravel or marble chips. It all depends on your imagination. The edges of this composition it is possible to plant trees and shrubs, planted perennials. Such a drainage system will not only be useful for a suburban area, but will become its real decoration. For the safety of trenches dug around the perimeter can be fenced with decorative grilles. Ditches filled with gravel, are less likely to fail and will last longer.

Як зробити дренаж на садовій ділянці

With open ditches, you can do an imitation of a stream. But such a construction requires more care: it will need to periodically clean away debris.

A closed drainage system

For a suburban area, the flooding which occurs due to the close passage of groundwater, it is necessary to make a closed drainage system.

There is a certain technology devices such drainage at the cottage:

  • You first need to determine the depth of laying the pipes. The depth will depend on soil density. The greater the density, the less will be the depth of the paving material. Sandy areas for laying of pipes is a meter deep, loamy to eighty centimeters, on clay soils to seventy centimeters. Installation of pipes is carried out taking into account another factor – climatic conditions in the region. It is very important to prevent deformation of the pipes during the winter period under the influence of residual moisture.
  • A selection of pipes. For the production of these pipes, almost all manufacturers use perforated plastic. It’s cheaper and safer raw materials unlike other materials. To plastic tube lasts a long time and qualitatively fulfilled their function, they are wrapped with geotextile. This material will protect the pipe from contact with small particles of sand and soil inside, thus prolonging their operational life. On clay soils this material is not used. In this case, the pipe laying is carried out on a bed of gravel twenty centimeters of the layer. Spline stretch of plastic pipe wrapped in filter fabric. On the sandy ground used for this purpose geotextile and a cushion of gravel. It line the bottom of trenches and sprinkle it on top of the pipe.
  • Preparing the receiver of wastewater. You can bring the pipe end beyond the suburban area, where the water will fall into the ditch. But all the same well is the best option for the drainage system. In the dry summer capacity, filled with water, is more than ever. Moreover, to bring such a drainage system outside the area is not everyone has the opportunity.
  • Earthworks. Trench dug under the slope to the well. For each meter of the ditches have six inches of draft. It can be measured with a level. Tree – is considered the best option of building such a system. All lateral trenches will flow into one large, created from the larger diameter pipe, where the water will enter the well.

Як зробити дренаж на садовій ділянці

  • The process of preparing the excavated trenches for laying the pipes. At the bottom of the ditches is placed a cushion of coarse sand with a layer of ten centimeters, on top of it poured grebenkine crushed in the same layer. This is followed by the laying of the pipes. If you create a pillow for any reason impossible, then the bottom of the trench is lined with geotextile. This material will prevent laying pipe in the process of operation. Too thick material will prevent the flow of water. It is recommended to use filter cloth with a small density.
  • The installation of the drainage system. Lay pipe in the excavated ditch and connect in a single system using special tools and parts. On top of the system first filled with sand, then with gravel, six inches of each material. All voids filled with soil, forming lumps. Eventually they will settle and reach the surface of the soil.

After laying drainage it is not recommended to drive on the plot for heavy machinery, as this may damage it. All the planned construction work is best done before placing the system, because its recovery will require a lot of effort, time and cost.