How to make homemade cheese with their hands!

For foodies who don’t trust store-bought foods.

Як приготувати домашній сир своїми руками!

Store cheeses – a dubious purchase when you went to the supermarket and decided to treat yourself to a delicious yellow delicacy. Cheap varieties presented on the shelves – often only an imitation of real cheese. Expensive – unaffordable for many luxury. To try this and useful, and also very tasty cheese note on the recipe that we published today, especially for lovers of Natur product. informs news, Ukrmedia.

How to make homemade cheese

Cheese is extremely useful and sometimes absolutely necessary product that is incredibly rich and full of calcium and other nutrients and compounds. As an ingredient for salads, topping for pasta or integral part of the sandwiches he is almost the perfect option. His consumption was not only a pleasure for the taste buds, but also useful, gather your strength and take a few hours at his home,

For homemade cheese you will need:

900 ml milk (preferably to make a choice in favor of fresh cow – it is ideal for homemade cheese);

10 g of salt;

250 g fat sour cream (and low fat, but this fat needs to compensate for the milk);

2 chicken eggs.

Step by step recipe for making homemade cheese

Milk slowly boil it for 1 minute until boiling, add salt.

Sour cream and eggs are thoroughly mixed and whipped in a separate bowl.

Then the sour cream mixture is added to boiled salted milk.

After a special mass in result of boiling, is separated from the liquid, dump it in a strainer and allow the liquid to drain.

When the fluid is completely drained, ready homemade cheese is placed in a convenient bowl and flavored with seasonings and spices according to taste and desire.

After a few hours our hand-made cheese is ready to eat. Put on bun or bread, add to salads or RUB into pasta. Consider placing the finished product in the fridge before eating 0.5-1 hour. Good appetite and healthy food on your tables, dear readers!

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