How to make money in the debt and not to quarrel with this

Well, if the debtor is a decent man and returns the money in time. And if not?

Як правильно давати гроші в борг і не посваритися при цьому

When a friend or loved one asks you to borrow money, you find yourself in a minefield.

This art – to give money in debt, you need not to stay in the cold and human relations not to spoil, informs Rus.Media.

Sometimes, the borrowed money becomes a real bone of contention between friends, family, and friends. As the proverb says: “Give me money as much as not afraid to lose.” So, how to give money in debt, not to quarrel?

Debt is like a gift

Borrow that amount of money, with which you can leave once and for all. And if you will return them, consider it a gift to you both ways.

Як правильно давати гроші в борг і не посваритися при цьому

Forget large amounts

Don’t lend large sums of money. If you do a small amount of money, and it is a pity not to be so in its loss. If people will not give you back even a trifle, then I hope it better not.

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Well, it is not to lend money to a friend or loved one? It’s a shame. And I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Remember that resentment is silly. The man is not ashamed to violate your boundaries to your request?

Learn to refuse

If you have requested a loan larger amount, you have every right to refuse. Want to give all the money and count pennies?

Just be aware that to give money in debt to refuse the request normally as and ask them.