How to make stale bread soft again

After learning about this method, we doubt whether it works in practice. We have tested and were very pleased!

Як зробити з черствого хліба знову м&#039який

Stale loaf will become really soft and warm, like he just made it. And the kitchen will appear the beloved aroma of fresh bread.

Important: this method works only with bread covered with crispy crust.

You will need

  • stale bread
  • foil

You need to lightly moisten the bread under running water. If the bread had been cut off, try not to wet pulp, pour water only on the crust. Try to do it quickly.

Wrap the bread with foil.

Put the bread in the oven, setting the temperature of 150 degrees. Note the time: you have to wait 10 minutes.

After that open the oven and remove the foil from the bread. Leave the bread for another 5 minutes to allow the crust to dry out and become crispy.

During this time, you can cook Breakfast, make coffee or brew tea. Now get the bread and enjoy! It is better to eat immediately, while warm and fragrant, for about 30 minutes.

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