How to make the girl an offer hands and hearts

This question occupies men’s minds for hundreds of years. And not for nothing you break your head, dear man! The time of the lifting ring is one of the most memorable. About it women say lyrical tone: “do you remember?”.

Як зробити дівчині пропозицію руки і серця

1. Do it the old-fashioned way: stand on one knee with a rose in his teeth and a ring in his hand.

2. Arrange with the waiter so he brought her favorite dessert with the ring inside. (Be careful that she didn’t swallow it).

3. Invite her to the theater, and ask the administrator to allow You to go on stage and make an offer immediately after the performance.

4. Come to her office in the middle of the day with a red rose, a bottle of champagne and a glass in which to place the ring.

5. Write with chalk on the street outside her house: (girl’s name)! Will you marry me?

6. Call the local radio station and ask them to announce your offer to live at a time when you will know that she / he hears it. Dedicate her a song.

7. Gather all your friends and entire family together in a cafe, restaurant or home, and offer your hand and heart.

8. Gather your friends and their relatives around her house and hand them posters with the words: “will You marry me?”And stand in front of everyone on one knee, holding a ring.

9. Agree with someone below brought her to work a telegram detailing your romantic feelings. A few minutes after the ceremony (she has yet to read it all), sign it yourself and ask your question.

10. Create a web page on the web: all of your life together. Photos, places that mean a lot to both of You. Send her a SMS with the address of your page and a few romantic phrases. Most importantly: don’t forget on the home page to write the question cherished.

11. Take a large box, put it smaller, then even less, and at last the small box lay a ring. Will be interesting if each box to make a gift (it will be interesting to them to deploy all). And you can get a plastic box or something glass and fill it with foam, and to put on the bottom ring. I’m sure no one else was doing her such a gift!

12. Find a big box and bring it to his beloved to work. Make it (the box, not the girl) is beautiful and ask someone to tell your friend that she brought a package. At this time, climb in a box and when she opens the present, you will see there you the man of her dreams with the ring in hand. Dare!

13. Call her on the nature (picnic) and there’s “the sounds of the Nightingale,” tell her how you feel.

14. Get up early, cook her favorite Breakfast, don’t forget rose and champagne. Wake up beloved with a passionate kiss and ask your question.

15. Scatter rose petals all over her bed and put the wrapped ring in the center Tell her that You bought her a gift to show how much You love her. When she opens it, tell her You want to spend the rest of your life with her.

16. Prepare a romantic dinner and put them around the napkins with inscriptions, such as: the person sitting opposite wants to marry You. Or slip the napkin (use fabric, not paper!) Through the ring, when she will unwrap the napkin that lay on her lap, she will find the ring.

17. Offer to pomassirovti her legs and this time put the ring on her finger her legs.

18. Invite her out to the place where you first met, bring a bottle of champagne and two glasses to celebrate your engagement (after you propose).

19. Bake the cake or order in the store a cake that says “will You marry me?

20. Post your offer on one of the pages of a newspaper or magazine, who regularly reads your favorite. And be there when she will read it.

21. Buy your favorite watch and write: “let’s get married”!

22. Pour her a glass of wine and put on the bottom ring when she top her drink, and found the ring.

23. Write a proposal in verse, and tell him under her window.

24. Organize a party, birthday, invite friends and family and make a proposal.

25. Write her a story about your relationship. Like a diary with dates if possible. Then finish the date when You are going to make an offer and write that the story cannot continue until you receive a response.

26. Write winter on the snow: “will You marry me? .

The main task – to make a long-awaited moment of the unexpected. “To confuse” – promise beloved a surprise, even waiting for him with impatience and does not know. Offer do the day before the promised surprise. The surprise effect will play in your favor.

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