How to make thin face: the secrets of colouring, haircuts and makeup

Learn how to choose the right technique of hair coloring, haircut and makeup.

Як зробити обличчя худим: секрети фарбування, стрижки і макіяжу

Canons of beauty change very often. Therefore, it is not always necessary to pay attention to current trends, the most important thing to remember is that each of us has its own individual characteristics, which is beautiful in its own way, informs Rus.Media.

From time to time each of us wants some changes. Some change their technique of dyeing, other – manicure design. Girls with straight hair do Perm and owner of curls – straighten your hair.

We decided to talk about how to make the face thinner. This is true for girls with round faces and for those who would like to make cheekbones expressive.

Use fashion colouring techniques

Fashion colouring techniques can turn your way. What to use? For such manipulations are ideal highlights, Ombre, Balaj or just light glare on the hair.

Pick the right haircut

Note the layered haircut that makes the face thinner visually. For example, the classic Bob is one of the fashionable options that choose the stars. Among others: stage or just a clean cut on medium length hair.

Styling and accessories

Make sloppy curls with the help of special tools that enhance your natural curls. The second option is the low beam. It is a universal hairstyle that will not focus on the area of the cheeks. You can also tweak the two front strands. Styling suitable for an evening out and highlight femininity.

Use fashionable accents – accessories. For example, a silver or gold classic clips or Bobby pins.

Shades in makeup

To ensure that your makeup was radiant and refreshed complexion – choose gold or sand colors. Thus, it is possible to make a slight contouring of the main areas without sharp lines and dense textures. Pick up the intensity depending on your color type, because make-up should be natural.

Use the highlighter

Highlighter – one of my favorite beauty products of all girls. Why? It is a quite versatile tool that can be used on eyes, face, lips and body. Apply a little shimmering particles on the back of the nose and blend along the cheekbones towards the ear.