How to make your skin perfect: advice of a dermatologist

Как сделать кожу идеальной: советы дерматолога

Sometimes it seems that girls with perfect skin – creatures from another planet, or they use exclusively to the luxury cosmetics.

To bring your skin to a perfect state, take our recommendations on Board.

Twice a day is necessary to wash. During the night our skin is polluted by dust on the pillow. And active sebaceous glands leads to the fact that the skin requires thorough cleansing.

Don’t forget that makeup removal is the key to beautiful skin. Unfortunately, not all women adhere to this simple rule. By the way, after you use the tools for removing makeup (especially micellar water), it is necessary to wash with warm water, so as not to overdry the skin. It is also very important not to forget about the tonic and the cream, chosen for your skin type. The most important thing in skin care – the regularity of the procedures even if the funds are not the most expensive, but with daily care, the result will be on the face.

Remember the three step care: cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing. Many girls miss using tonic, considering this a luxury. But toner helps to remove the rest of makeup remover, water, and perfectly prepare skin for moisturizing.

Water – the life-giving force. Skin due to hydration not only outside but inside. Then you can forget about peeling, inflammation and acne. And, of course, it is important not to ignore proper nutrition. No funds compensate for the lack of vegetables and fruits.


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