How to motivate yourself to exercise

Как мотивировать себя на занятия спортом

Every season we find some excuses not to sign up to the gym, no running in the morning and do morning exercises. But if you want to achieve the perfect figure, you need to look for motivation.

Sports can cause our muscles and skin tone and to help deal with the eternal problem of excess weight. But, if you are struggling to find excuses not to exercise or promise to start doing “Monday”, we have some tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise and to maintain this motivation for a long time.

Move the workout in the beginning of the list

Many of us are diaries, writing down a list of tasks for tomorrow so that nothing is missed and all the time. So, make exercise a priority, putting it first task for the day. First, a morning workout is useful for weight loss and for energy, and for fast work. Secondly, so you won’t have to cancel the meeting or training session in the evening, if plans suddenly change. This is the easiest way to keep the body in good shape.

No exercise alone

Remember that sometimes it is very difficult to force myself to get up off the couch and go to the gym just because many of us perceive it as something with a negative connotation. So you do, because they have to, not because you like it. To sports inspired you to run for training on all pairs, do not engage alone. Go to the gym with my girlfriend/boyfriend/ guy/ husband. These classes will benefit not only your figure but also your emotional state, just make sure you are doing every exercise with good form so you don’t injure yourself. A great way to avoid any back injuries while in the gym is by getting Custom Weightlifting Belts.

I do not like? Don’t do it!

We are all obsessed with group classes in Cycling or crossfit, that doesn’t mean that you too will like, and that’s fine. Don’t force yourself to do a certain sport: if training does not bring you emotional satisfaction, then you will soon lose motivation and eagerness to visit it. Instead of making the unloved, strength exercises, find something you really like. Maybe you like yoga or dance search for your type of exercise, then they will be a joy.

Как мотивировать себя на занятия спортом

Do not expect quick results

If you weigh more than 70 kg, do not expect that you abs will appear in a month, and priest will be like the nut. You have to understand that the sport works in the long term, then you will not be disappointed if after a week you will not see “cubes” on the belly. And then you just threw it all up. Even in the moment when you reach the desired, you need to understand that the result can negate a return to the old rhythm of life. To avoid this, exercise regularly, try different styles of exercise and watch your diet. Then sport becomes a habit and you will not have find motivation to work.

Often look in the mirror

This item is for the girls no problem. If you are only going to play sports, imagine how it will look your body in a couple of months of regular exercise. Presented? Then your current situation will definitely not satisfy you. Psychologists say that one should love their body the way it is, and sports psychologists contradict them, saying that such an approach encourages us to Express “the atrophy of ambition”. Of course, don’t hate, but if you recognize that the extra weight or the lack of it is your problem, then this can and must be fought. So you will be able to achieve what you strive for, be it weight loss or weight gain. Remember that not only the appearance should motivate you. The key point is health, both physical and emotional. It is proven that active people who are at least a couple times a week doing sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, feel better and live longer. Is this not motivation! In General, the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind” perfectly fits in this concept. Do not to see on the scales a specific figure, but in order to feel healthy.

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