How to name the baby: unusual names and basic tips for choosing

Remember that a name can influence the character of your child, but don’t shape it completely.

Як назвати дитину: незвичайні імена та основні поради щодо вибору

It is often difficult to decide what to name the baby? After all, a mom can dream about one name, dad another, and grandparents will insist on its. The name of the baby you need to consider not only its euphony, unique, and harmonious combination of a patronymic and a surname. After all, a name stays with a person for life and can affect its fate, informs Rus.Media.

Sometimes the name may be laid down code of success. For example, Vladimir or Victoria (win) can encourage the child to strive for more and not give in to difficulties. The names that were given in honor of relatives, can enhance self-esteem of the child, if those good things are. Rare names can emphasize your child’s uniqueness, its originality. However, if the name is difficult or unusual, then your child may have difficulty with its pronunciation and even facilities, if his friends or teachers at school can not just be correctly called.

Advice on the selection name

  1. If you already have some names, try to try them on a completely stranger. Let’s see what do you have that name, and what impression will produce this person.
  2. Ask someone to say your chosen name aloud. So to constantly refer to your child. If you are not satisfied, then the search should continue.
  3. Think about who of the famous people or someone you know has the same name. If you know people, you examine their characters and how they formed life. Although the fate your child will have their own, but the character may be similar. Here you can help various descriptions of the characteristics and meanings of the names, that is, the interpretation of the name.
  4. Imagine what kind of life will your child. If you wish for her a peaceful and happy fate, try to choose not so rare and common at the same time. Common names seem too banal. Here is a very rare name, conversely, will attract too much attention that is not always pleasant.

Unusual names for boys

Nowadays, children are given a rare name, more often. Some even invent their own, and there is nothing wrong. Among the unusual names for boys meet the old Slavic Orthodox European and American. For example, names such as Groin, Ustin, Thomas, Lucian – can be found in the Orthodox calendar. But Nazar, Marjan, Orestes among traditional Ukrainian names. Names such as Lucas, mark, Alex can be attributed to international. Beautiful and rare – Eric, Ernest, Bratislav, Cupid, Heraclius.

Як назвати дитину: незвичайні імена та основні поради щодо вибору

Unusual names for girls

Girls are usually given names that are designed to emphasize their tenderness, beauty, and uniqueness. For Example, Snezhana, Sarin, Darin, Ada. Among rare names can be called Pelagia, Avdotya, agate, Gold, Diana. In the Orthodox or Catholic calendar you can choose the name associated with the birthday. Some of them are very beautiful, such as Floriana, Anisa, Beata, Aug. European or international style involves names: Lana, Sophie, Nina, Mila.

Each country has its own culture and traditions. Therefore, in some States, parents should approach the selection of a name for the baby with care.

Як назвати дитину: незвичайні імена та основні поради щодо вибору