How to obtain exotic plants from seed

What is the complexity of seed reproduction of plants.

Як отримати екзотичні кімнатні рослини з насіння

The usual method of reproduction of indoor plants – rooting the resulting “friend” from cuttings or division of a Bush. But why not grow from seed? What is the complexity of seed breeding flowers?

To grow from seed the plant is not too difficult. Almost every child in childhood was planted in a flower pot the seeds from tamarind or orange. Sometimes they even grow something. Most date palms in our homes such origin. And many of us wondered, why not grow from seed beautiful Gardenia or monster? But they do not produce seeds at home, informs Rus.Media.

As we know, all plants have their own cycle of development. They germinate, grow and develop in a certain time, the nature, and then tie the fruits and produce seeds. The duration of this cycle depends on the plant species. Our home colors are also subject to this natural rhythm, some grow wild, but the fruit and seeds we almost never see.

Where to get seeds

Familiar to us plants, usually native to the tropics and subtropics. For the normal development and fruiting, they need certain conditions: sun, warmth, fertile soil. Many of them naturally grow in the Equatorial zone, where the duration of the light for not changing. On the sill of an ordinary flat, not all of them can bloom, flowering time you have to wait many years. Pollination occurs with the help of certain types of insects or birds. Flowering species are often unable to produce viable seeds, while the hybrids do not inherit their properties. But if the seeds are impossible to obtain on their own, then why not buy?

The flower industry offers a variety of seeds of tropical plants. In the trading network can now buy the seeds of various varieties of gloxinia and pelargonium, adenium, and nolina, achimenes and cyclamen, and Amaryllis hamedori. There are exotic cacti and succulents. You can order them in online store. For many lovers of room floriculture is the only way to add to my collection.

The advantages and disadvantages of seed propagation

The main advantage of growing plants from seed can be considered as the ease of producing new types and varieties. To transmit a packet of seeds easily, they will not suffer during transport, which often happens with the cuttings.

Disadvantages of seed propagation is also obvious:

  • Poor seed germination, and also need experience caring for young plants
  • Have to wait until the plant becomes adult and reaches full decoration.

The difficulties of growing houseplants from seed

Having long-awaited tropical seeds exotic, florist Amateur often disappointed. Germs no. The causes of failures in different seed reproduction, but there are two main ones:

  • Seeds old. The seeds of some plants can germinate several years after collection, seeds lose their germination after a month. On the packet of seeds usually indicate the year of collection, but sometimes it’s the packaging date, not the collection.
  • Unknown timing of germination. Some plants give a lot of sprouts in a week or two-but sometimes this miracle you have to wait three months or more. At the tamarind, for example, the land must first soften the hard shell. Usually, if the waiting time sprouts, a month later, the pots with the sown seeds stop watering.
  • Incorrect temperature. This is the most common mistake. Plants of the tropics for germination need warmth. Often they require a soil temperature of around 25 degrees and our habit to grow seedlings early in the spring here brings. On a cold windowsill the seeds just rot. If no greenhouse is heated, it is best to sow them in late may, when warm days come. But for a long time the germination of some plants leads to the fact that sprouts appear by the autumn, when the development it is not enough light. Requires artificial lighting.

Experienced growers recommend such hardy seeds to sow in winter but to put the pots away from the window, near the battery or on the kitchen cupboard. So that the soil doesn’t dry out, cover with glass or transparent film.

Як отримати екзотичні кімнатні рослини з насіння

How deep to sow and how long germs can be learned from the instructions on the packet, if the seeds bought in the store. It depends on the plant species and some of them have their own characteristics.

General guidelines:

  • Prepare a loose, moisture – and water-permeable soil
  • Pat and align
  • To moisturize
  • Sow the seeds
  • Gently sprinkle a thin layer of sand or a mixture of earth with sand
  • Cover with glass or plastic
  • To keep the right temperature, periodically moisturize and ventilate

Adhering to these simple rules you can grow from a tiny seed oleander or bottle tree, watching all the stages of plant development. And we should not forget that the seeds usually are inexpensive, whereas adult plant is of high cost.