How to paint eggs red cabbage in original colors

It is natural, without chemicals.

Як пофарбувати яйця червоною капустою в оригінальні кольори

Be sure to pay attention to today’s recipe painting eggs for the Easter holidays. It is natural, without chemicals, and easy to help to create a contrast with the usual purple from onion peel “gun fight” at Easter. Red cabbage will help you!

How to paint eggs red cabbage in original colors

Need to take some:

Half red cabbage

3 tablespoons vinegar

2 liters of water


For the preparation of paint you need to finely chop the red cabbage, put it into a pot of vinegar with water. Within a half hour the mixture boil and cook on a slow fire. After that, the water by using a sieve separated from the cabbage, reports Rus.Media.

When the water is cold painted, it placed necessary to paint the eggs. To adjust the saturation of the follow time: 2 hours give a pleasant shade of blue, and 5-6 — Royal blue. To create an unexpected pattern, partial spray before painting the eggs with vegetable oil.

Are you ready to paint eggs like a Pro? Then for the cause! Surprise guests and family this color is guaranteed.

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