How to persuade a girl to have sex?

The question of how to persuade a girl to have sex, is raised by many. Even the girls themselves. Yes, even the pink girls don’t know how to get the attention of a loved one.

Як умовити дівчину на секс?

But many straight girls have an interesting experience with “unusual” girls. How do they do it? You never hear that the girl complained of harassment of a friend.

Refer to their experience.

Alcohol. The easiest way to talk and to liberate the girl with alcohol. In this state all his secret desires laid bare. Whatever she likes, to learn much easier. But do not just after two glasses to put her hand on my knee. Should wait for that fine line when girlfriend falls asleep, but sincerely tells about all the antics of her friends. Here at this moment is to move up, hug the shoulder and say something like “I understand you”. It was then that your face, breath and desire meet.
Forced nudity. Girl friends often see each other naked when they change clothes or take a shower. In the company of women that’s fine. It is in these moments lesbians can turn on the seduction. For example, offer to RUB his back or fasten a bra. From these everyday operations can slowly move on to stroking and kissing, and there it is small. If the girl still has not found its way into your strong legs, you can try to undress her on purpose. The simplest example is to take her home when she is heavily vimage dress. I will say, it is possible to wait forever? But what prevents you to negotiate with a neighbor boy, who might “accidentally” drop ice cream from the hands, passing by you? The clothing suggests that it will be removed. This implies that the problem of how to persuade a girl to have sex to become much easier. After all, this involves at least an hour in your home and the contemplation of her figure, dressed in, for example, your short and transparent shirt. Here you are not to fail and to be able to offer her a great evening with delicious food and fun entertainment, which can even be a sex game strip poker.
Capture. The girl need to praise, to cherish. You never know what’s going on in the mind of a person, in her family and at work. Maybe you are the only one who loves this girl and tells her about it. Or maybe you are the only one who can rightly say. Anyway, the way of compliments – good way. The compliment means indifferent not only to a certain quality of man, but to him in General. May be, feeling your support, the girl will create an atmosphere in which sex will not be avoided.
Tips on the subject of sex. If you do not find the courage from to speak on the topic of role-playing games in bed, then try to consult a private matter. Start, for example: “Accidentally found out that my shy friend doesn’t know whether it is possible for ovaries to have sex. Google doesn’t trust. I want to help her, but don’t know the answer and the way to convey such information. Help? “
Pondering how to persuade a girl to have sex, don’t forget that there are girls who do not have to persuade. I’m not about escorts, but about the other two that much more enjoyable.

First, there are girls who just love sex. And if you’re her type, there are a couple of erotic hints, jokes will be enough to be in the room with candles, aromaplastie, delicious dinner and slide condoms.

And secondly, your chosen girl can bear you a romantic feeling, just be very shy. Well, in this case, there’s no rush. You need to gradually increase the dose of erotic themes and touches in order to be able to discover the real sexual tiger.

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