How to prepare carrot seeds for sowing

11-02-2019 10:38

How to test the germination of seeds and how to soak carrot seeds for the harvest.

Як підготувати насіння моркви до сівби

Preparation of carrot seed essential regardless of whether you bought seeds on the market, kept private for several years. The preparation involves several stages. The first thing you need to do is remove the bad seeds. Usually the preparation of seeds to start with their sorting or grading. To select the biggest seeds you can, using a 5% solution of common salt. In this solution the heavier seeds will settle after 5-7 min, and light – up. Lightweight seeds are usually Malabon. Settled seeds rinse and drain again, informs Rus.Media.

The second step is to test the germination of carrot seeds.

Check for germination of seeds of carrots

A month before sowing, we need to check on the germination of carrot seeds. This is done to determine the number of seeds necessary to obtain a quality harvest. To test the germination of carrot seeds take 10-20 seeds of each variety, evenly spread out on a clean, damp cloth or filter or toilet paper. Humidity rags or paper maintain.

After 10-14 days, count the number of sprouts. If sprouted 70% of the seeds, then sow their rate of 0.4-0.6 g/m2. At a lower germination rate, you will need to increase.

Accelerated seed germination

The next stage of preparation of carrot seeds – speed up germination. Carrot seeds contain large amounts of essential oil, which complicates the access to the root and slows their germination. To accelerate the germination of carrots, there are several ways. The easiest and most affordable way to accelerate the germination of seeds – soaking them in ordinary water.

How to soak seeds of carrot:

  • Soak carrot seeds in water, and it is better instead of the pure water take 1% solution of boric acid. Seed in water or solution are maintained during the day. Then they need to be dried to flowability and sown in damp soil.
  • There is a second method. Soak carrot seeds can be 10 minutes, and then spread on a damp cloth and close the same cloth. So the seeds are kept until they hatch the germ. The seeds are also sown exclusively in damp soil.

Як підготувати насіння моркви до сівби

Oxygen treatment of carrot seeds

Accelerates seed germination of carrot seed treatment with oxygen. Any dishes fill warmed to 20-25°C with water and put the seeds in a gauze bag for 20-24 hours. The water passes through air or oxygen (you can use aquarium pumps). The seeds are then dried to a good flowability and sown.

Pelleting of carrot seeds in preparation for planting

Another way of preparing for planting carrots – pelleting of seeds. Pelleting the seed coating of nutrient shell. Pelleting not only speeds up the germination, but also facilitates the sowing. Spend the pelleting of seeds in the home for 5 days before sowing. To do this, take 1 Cup of humus and peat is better powdered. Carefully mix them up and pour in half-liter jar. Separately take a glass of liquid mullein. In a quart glass jar add 2 teaspoons of dry carrot seeds and add 1 tbsp. spoon mixture of peat + humus and 1 tbsp. of liquid manure. Close the jar tightly and shake (2-3 minutes), then two more times to add a little nutrient mixture with mullein and shaken. Once the seeds are completely covered in nutritious shell, then arrange them on the paper and let dry.

Reducing the risk of diseases of carrots.

To prevent dry and black rot, which are transmitted with the seed, apply heat treatment in hot water (about 53°C) for 20 min followed by cooling them in cool water (3 min), until the complete drying of flowability and planting in moist soil.

Used soaking of carrot seeds in weak solutions of mineral fertilizer with growth stimulator heated to 30°C.

Now, to cope with the preparation of carrot seeds, You can expect delicious and rainbow harvest!