How to protect my husband from friends, and friends of her husband

A practicing psychologist for real-life examples, tell why you cannot abandon her friends for her husband how to react to the fact that the man is popular with women.

Як захистити чоловіка від подруг, а подруг від чоловіка

The psychologist explained why you cannot abandon her friends for her husband how to react to the fact that the man is popular with the opposite sex, and why to change men – not a good idea, reports Rus.Media.

Chose her husband, is left without friends

“When in my life appeared Vadim, I began to spend less time with friends, – tells his story Olga. – They began to be jealous and I constantly throw suspicion in his direction. Tell that you saw him with someone, comment on, why are my phone calls not answered, and once one of them even said: “If I had such a gorgeous guy like Vadim, I would have married you pull just do not understand”. That day I decided that friends do not need me anymore. We have been married for 10 years. We have a lot of relatives and friends only to married couples. Single female friends in my environment not really.”

— You can, of course, to live under a glass dome, creating a greenhouse conditions out of fear of something to lose, but fear is a substance such that the more you feed it, the more it grows, seizing large areas of your life!

First, it’s lonely girlfriend, removed from the list as a potential rival, then you will cease to visit the places where theoretically it is possible to appear beautiful women: beaches, restaurants, concerts. Then the paranoia starts to paint a scary picture every time your better half will be delayed more than 15 minutes, and the farther into the forest the more wood!

And a psychiatrist close by. But men are very hard to tolerate bouts of paranoid hysteria and long endure complaints and jealousy of every shadow becomes. The result, I think, is obvious. Therefore, it fed his happy family life of paranoia, better to be engaged in their development, be interesting yourself, and you will inevitably be interesting to others: husband, children, friends.

And then not have to fight windmills, and you just live happy, fulfilling lives.

I like what you like man

“I have a very good man, – says Albina. Besides, he loves, when he draws attention. In this moment I feel so proud that next to me a man: smart, handsome, and soul of the company. I’m not scared that someone wants, I’ll even be flattered by such attention to my beloved. And I never thought about how to hide it from her friends. I once “gave” him in debt to a colleague on a meeting of graduates”.

— Well, when the man so harmonious: and outer beauty, and mind, and convivial warmth. And trust between partners is fine and indicates a high degree of self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

But with the “hire” your husband I would recommend to be careful and it is better never to practice. First, you need to remember that men are polygamous, and their nature is different from ours. Go for intimacy with another partner, a man much easier than a woman, and secondly, even if outwardly your husband would be okay with the idea of “rentals”, inside on a subconscious level he can form a bad stereotype that he was not afraid to lose, and therefore, is not so valued. And then to cheat very close, because people will always go where he is appreciated and where you need it.

A stranger was better than his

“And we have unexpectedly changed husbands – embarrassed smile, Elena says. – On our wedding anniversary husband my best friend was invited to dance. And at that moment I felt something unusual: I was difficult to breathe, legs went out. Then I potentual the dance to end and all night I couldn’t sleep, remembered the touch of his hands on my naked back and his eyes. So sneak we saw each other for almost a year, and then decided to meet and go out on a date. It was very ashamed in front of our halves, but the heart wants what it wants, we do not specifically. After the divorce, Sasha made me an offer, we live in marriage for five years and continue to be friends, as our former now also together.”

— Well, if everything ended well, according to Allen. But there is a small but: where is the guarantee that it will not be repeated again and a year and a half in search of new thrills again don’t want to swap with someone in the family?

And how long will it last? The story called “in a garden the grass is always greener”. The man himself does not understand who she is, where she is and what she wants. In the case of other “deceived” by halves, too, the situation is simple to banality and the motive for the reunion, most likely, the reason to act evil. Suddenly sarawout and will suffer, and the train left. To avoid such “exchanges”, it is better before you have a relationship, and especially to enter into a legal marriage, at least try to listen to your own mind and heart, then to not be excruciatingly painful for you or your chosen one!

One for all

“I’m with my husband and friends drank a lot, – says Olga. – He’s probably with every posahav. And all the time returned with the words: “I once again realized that you’re the best”. And I’m still friends with everyone. They all found justification for his affair, all asked for forgiveness and made a promise that this will not happen again. I believe. And did not go. We have children, and they love father. He, of course, I don’t trust. Sure to test his theory in practice it will last a lifetime. And I accept that.”

— When the question arises from a love triangle, as much as it was difficult and painful to admit, but the reason is often that the wife can not cope with their duties, and then comes to the aid of a mistress.

As can be seen from this story, the woman chose a comfortable position and work on yourself is not necessary – all forgiven, all forgotten, resigned; and man after the next spree will come back, tail between his legs, and tell me what you have me good, in comparison with “those”; and family, friends will regret: there’s a woman – and with her friends she was not lucky, and walk a husband, and she forgives everything, well done!

But for it to be for men only, which will not want to leave and “try” others, need to work! And first of all spiritually and not just physically.

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