How to protect the rights of consumers in the EEU


Violation of consumer rights during the year experienced 37% of Russians. 47% of allegations of violation of consumer rights – the sale of expired goods. Also among the most frequent infringements of consumer rights is the wrong price tags. The buyer at the cash register announce the price of the commodity different from that indicated on the label.

Another frequent case of violation of consumer rights – the imposition of additional services. According to Rospotrebnadzor, often suffer from this buyers of insurance policy.

As in the Eurasian economic Union organized the interstate system of consumer protection? On this question of the TV channel “MIR 24” said the Deputy Director of the Department for sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary measures of the EEC Salia Karymbaeva and Chairman of the “Association of consumers League of Kazakhstan” Svetlana Romanovskaya.

Salia Toktogulova: As you know, the whole system of regulation in the EEU is based on an agreement, the implementation of articles and provisions of the contract. Accordingly, the provisions of the Treaty specifies the provisions which should protect the rights of consumers. In addition, we and our partners are working to create some specific approaches, principles and rules, which are documents of the second level, but also work to protect the rights of consumers.

Svetlana Romanovskaya: we Have a state Agency that must regulate the activities, policies. It consists of only 47 people. In addition, there are 12 government agencies, which also have a function – control in different areas of quality of goods and services. Is the Department of public health the Ministry of health, which has more than five thousand people.