How to protect your car against theft

The basic rules of car protection from “theft”.

Як захистити автомобіль від викрадення

Probably, each motorist his car is an expensive property. As you know, our country has a fairly high proportion of theft. Unfortunately, this percentage is only growing. Conventional EAS systems are not the domestic help motorists to protect their property from theft.

Main types of thefts

Not all motorists understand the abductions. Actually, there are two types. The first is the theft, in which thieves remove protection from a protected vehicle. Then the hijackers overtake the stolen car in a secret place that is only known to attackers, they use modern technical means. During the theft, the car owner will not be around. The main part of motorists so imagine the car is stolen, informs Rus.Media.

The second type of theft are thefts from cars in the presence of the owner when he collected the car in person. This occurs most often on busy streets or in a dark place. Usually the attackers are a group. They run up to the car, open the door and using threats and weapons cause the driver to give all the valuables and the car. Abduction is also called applied.

The basic rules of car protection from “theft”

Over the years, the community of motorists have developed simple rules to protect vehicles from theft:

  • to make the car more unique and recognizable;
  • always be careful;
  • to use the car alarm;
  • to use complex methods to protect the car from “theft”;
  • to use the anti-theft marking.

We will now consider more rules to protect the machine from theft and teach motorists to use them.

As we know, the hijackers of the most common targets of theft choose popular stealth cars. These cars usually are the leaders of sales on the market across the country. In addition, thieves often choose the cars most popular color, which ride through the streets of tens of thousands. That is why it is important to make your car individual and easily recognizable. This often helps external tuning of the car. According to statistics, thieves choose to steal the most nondescript cars.

Protection against the second type of abduction – application hijacking is quite simple. You must be extremely careful. It is desirable at any stop of the vehicle when the driver does not leave it, close all doors on Central locking. The driver should not rush to lower the glass and open the doors to every passer-by, who knocks him in the car. On a deserted street it is better not to drive themselves to various dead ends. You should always be enough room for sudden maneuvers to in case of danger to leave the scene of the attack.

It is advisable to keep in your car in the availability of the arm means of self-defense. Such tools include pepper spray, stun gun and other tools. Remember that in the case of self-defense you can always use those tools without violating the criminal law. However, remember that the use of pepper spray in the vehicle will be dangerous especially for the driver. All the gas gets on the mucous membrane of the eyes of the driver that is in the car.

To counter theft of the first type or the classic “theft” is much more difficult. Modern car thieves easily bypass any anti-theft systems, not allowing them even to give the signal. In the case of anticrime systems, the situation is the same as with cars. The more popular the manufacturer alarm for car use, the greater the circulation of issue antyradio system, the greater the risk that a thief will be able to cope with her and around her for car theft. Here is very simple. Racers dismantled along and across all popular anti-theft systems and know them thoroughly, know all the weaknesses.

Every motorist should carefully look at its anti-theft system of the car. If the car alarm system closes Central locking with remote control not the first time it should alert the owner. The main method of car theft is to catch the radio signal from the keychain car alarm and wait for the second attempt to send this signal to the destination. For that, the hijackers can make immediately closed the Central locking, and the owner had a second time click on the key FOB. That’s when you double-click alarm the thieves often scan signals anti-theft systems.

There is a simple solution. For this antivirusa system should have several functions. To protect themselves from the scanning signal by unauthorized persons, it is necessary after submission of the first signal to the car alarm is a new team not related to the first. When a team antivirusa system will forget the combination performed earlier, and the kidnappers will not be able to scan the radio alarm.

Experienced motorists are advised to use complex methods of protecting the vehicle from “stealing”. In such methods includes installation of two systems, the second system must be hidden. In addition, you must take it a rule to never leave car keys in the ignition, even if you lock the car the Central locking from the key FOB. You also need to ensure that your car is always closed Windows and doors. It is necessary when out of the car to visually inspect all doors and glass.