How to protect yourself from viral diseases in the spring

Spring warming can be misleading, because it is on the junction of the seasons, people get sick more often.

Як уберегтися від вірусних захворювань навесні

That’s really when especially do not want to be sick, so is spring! However, in the offseason, the human body is increasingly exposed to all kinds of viruses. Changeable weather and a weakened immune system are the main factors that lead to colds. What to do to avoid getting sick during the long-awaited spring? Fighting spring colds need news on two fronts. First, to strengthen the immune system. Second, to take preventive measures. There are many tools that will help you with this, informs Rus.Media.

Wash your hands often

It is very important to wash your hands several times a day, especially after visiting the toilet and before eating. You can also carry a small bottle of disinfectant for hands to regularly clean your hands from germs, especially while traveling in public transport and working at a Desk.

Not biting his nails

Nail biting is not only ugly but also unhealthy. Your nails are a breeding ground for germs, so the more you bite, the more chances you have for infection or flu. Use special paints, and on the street to warming wear gloves to withstand the cold and harmful effects on your hands.

Wear a scarf

First, the warming is deceptive, and therefore should not rush to drop the scarf and hat. Besides, we all know that buses, trains and other crowded places are crawling with germs but what might surprise you is the fact that everyday accessory can provide you a great service. Wearing a scarf protects from the wind, but also helps to prevent dihanna infectious germs.

Як уберегтися від вірусних захворювань навесні

Drink juice

Salutary influence on the immunity course of the spring sokoterapii: for three weeks, drink any fresh juices are red (beetroot, carrot, cherry, BlackBerry, strawberry, grape, pomegranate, cranberry). In the first week, take half a Cup of juice 3 times a day, the second 2 times per day, third – 1 time in between meals. After 10 days the course may be repeated.

Reduce alcohol consumption

The more you drink, the weaker becomes your immune system, hence, you more often get sick with colds and flu. Doctors advise to reduce alcohol consumption to keep yourself in shape. Of course, not so easy to give up alcoholic cocktails, but it’s worth it if you want to spend this spring in good form.

Don’t smoke

Smoke paralyzes the cilia, hairlike cells lining the nose and Airways that sweep the viruses before they can infect. If you smoke, give the virus easy access for penetration into the body.

Learn self-massage

Good results are the same procedure, if you perform them regularly and correctly. Acting on biologically active points of hands and feet, you activate the body’s defenses. Buy a massage Mat for the bathroom. Do just a few minutes while brushing your teeth.


Exercises improve the activity of your white blood cells (those that help to fight infections). So make sure that you perform at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week to keep your body in good shape.

Як уберегтися від вірусних захворювань навесні

Get enough sleep

Regular lack of sleep affects the immune system as well as physical stress. Immune system starts to work in hyperactive mode, thus producing an excess of white blood cells. This hyperactivity is the result of frequent sleepless nights.

Visit a bath or sauna

People who regularly visit a sauna are less likely to suffer from headaches, rhinitis and pharyngitis, they are not practically worried about the cold. This is quite natural, because there is nothing that trains the body as an alternation of high and low temperatures. Due to the abrupt change in temperature is an intensive stimulation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. And the use of the sauna, special essential oils helps to saturate the body with useful substances.

Eat right

Proper nutrition is the best way to provide the body with vitamins. Find spring vitamins in natural products is quite difficult, but still possible. First of all, pay attention to the sprouted grain of wheat. Eat it at 3 tbsp per day.

Use spices. It is a source of vitamins, add a pinch of food three times a day. It is better to add spice to already prepared meals – the heat treatment of the beneficial properties are reduced. For Breakfast it is best turmeric, because it has a choleretic effect, at lunch – ginger or cardamom, they improve brain activity, dinner mint and lemon balm, they soothe. In addition, the spices provoke the production of endorphins – the hormone of good mood!

Як уберегтися від вірусних захворювань навесні

You can prepare a mixture of dried apricots, cranberries, walnuts, lemon, raisins. The above foods in equal shares to grind and mix. Then fold this mixture in a bowl and pour honey from the calculation of two hundred grams per liter jar.

These simple preventive steps can help you to meet the spring full of energy and health!