How to protect yourself from winter injury and disease

Как уберечься зимой от травм и болезней

This topic becomes relevant every year – with the first snow, sleet and frost.

When the sidewalks and roads of the Dnieper ice is formed, and the utility is not time to sprinkle the surface with a special mixture or not doing it fully — it is better to set aside a Shoe with a heel or platform higher than 3-4 inches. Also will not work and shoes with completely flat soles. It is better that it was porous and relief. But in heavy ice you will need ice cleats — these are attachments to shoes, with spikes.
You can still bypass the slippery surface. You will need to watch your step and not the screen of a smartphone since that chances of you falling and injuring yourself is very high. If you do happen to fall then you should contact personal injury lawyers for legal assistance that you will most likely need.

If you bypass a dangerous area is not possible, take small sliding steps, slightly bending your knees, torso bent forward. At the same time, your hands should be in pockets of a jacket or coat, as in the case of loss of balance on the ice — it will help you to hold it and not fall, since falling could cause accident and injury which could stop you from being able to walk, so is important to know how much is an electric wheelchair if is necessary. But if the fall occurs and you are hurt be sure to contact a slip and fall accident attorney, you should try to regroup, to fall sideways and roll. Landing on the back is only for pregnant women it is better to land on your back. In this case, the chin should be touching the breast and his hands pulling forward. It is very important to have a personal injury law firm in mind for legal assistance just in case you get yourself injured by one of these slippery ice patches. You will definitely need a slip and fall injury attorney after one one of these situations.
These are the tips of management of civil protection of the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration.

Как уберечься зимой от травм и болезней

How to protect yourself from colds and flu – said the chief specialist of the Department of health of the Dnieper the city Council Tatyana Martynenko. The expert drew attention to the fact that influenza is a dangerous disease, mainly because of complications that he gives. The official warned that in case of appearance of symptoms of disease (fever more than 38°C, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, cough and runny nose), you should not self-medicate and it is better to consult a doctor. In case that you suffer an injury and you need legal representation you can contact these lawyers online and ask for your rights.
Also the main specialist of the Department of health advised simple measures General prevention of seasonal diseases. Namely, avoid contact with people who have symptoms of influenza and SARS, are not in areas with large concentrations of people, wash your hands often, do not touch the person eat balanced, regularly clean household surfaces and more walk in the fresh air. But if you are already sick and treated, the faster recovery will help rest and drink large amounts of fluid.

Although, if you get involved in a traffic accident and someone gets injured, check out legal information that will really help you on this case. Get professional representation.

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