How to put all things in hand Luggage to fly without Luggage

Как поместить все вещи в ручной клади, чтобы летать без багажа

How do you carry in hand Luggage a lot of things, respecting the rules of the airlines and not wasting money to pay for the Luggage, was told by experienced travelers to the ticketing Aviasales.

How to put all the stuff in hand Luggage

39 percent of travelers said that wearing the most heavy and bulky items yourself and put them on the Luggage rack in the plane.Take vacuum bags with pump that “reduce” the volume of things.Creams and other similar cosmetics can be poured in the lens case.Some travelers take old clothes and throw them away at the end of the trip, to free up space.When you check in, you can hide the notebook behind his back to pass the weight control, then again to put it into the bag.Those who have children, put things into the pocket of the stroller, which is wheeling free.To take the top clothes with many pockets to put small things.Watch the video: requirements for baggage tightened and MAU:

Recall from 1 November 2018 Wizz Air allows you to take in the cabin one bag maximum size 40х30х20 cm Weight – 10 kg. Earlier, the volume was 55х40х23 see Now this hand baggage must be placed completely under the seat and not take the upper baggage shelf in the cabin. Use the shelf only those passengers who will pay the Priority service WIZZ – it allows you to take in salon additional suitcase size 55х40х23 cm and take the plane out of turn.

Bag that from 1 November you can take a free in salon Ryanair, slightly less than Wizz Air – max 40х25х20 cm and 10 kg. However, before these dimensions were more modest – see 35х20х20 Have paid Ryanair “priority boarding” allows you to take into the cabin one piece of hand baggage – a briefcase than 55x40x20 cm to Take the Luggage from Ryanair you can bag up to 10 kg for 8 euros.

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