How to quench your thirst in the heat? 10 proven ways

Как утолить жажду в жару? 10 проверенных способов

Summer, sun, heat all this inevitably leads to the fact that a person wants to drink. Dehydration can lead to serious problems. Ideally, in the case of thirst you need to drink clean drinking water. But what if the cherished liquid. Here’s the drinks that are able to cope with the problem worse water. ??

Mineral water


It is a perfect replacement for regular water. But it is worth considering some interesting points. The fact that mineral water can be natural and artificially mineralized. The first is divided into natural, medicinal and medicinal table. In this case all depends on the amount of salts in the water. According to doctors, the greatest caution should be observed in the consumption of mineral water. Artificial will not bring any benefit. However, much harm too. It’s a common filtered water.

Natural mineral water, of course, maximally enriched with active physiological compounds. So carefully read the label to understand the difference between natural and artificial water.

Medical-table mineral water should be drunk only when prescribed.



Hot tea — a great tool to use in the heat. The fact that it promotes sweating, removing heat from the body and cooling it. In addition, in the drink has trace minerals that reduce body temperature. I wonder what they aktiviziruyutsya only if the tea is hot. Not less useful to drink tea because of the high concentration of vitamins P, C and V.

This very popular drink has long changed. Long there are different types and blends and even iced tea in bottles. With the latest one should be careful, because, as a rule, it contains flavoring and sugar. Besides, you should not believe that iced tea will cool the body. Yes, it gives a sense of freshness, but only a hot drink will cause excessive sweating and cooling the body. This method is not very familiar to us, but it is one of the most proven.

Sparkling water

Usually kids love to drink lemonade during a heat wave, considering that it allows you to quench your thirst. And parents are screaming that it is better to drink plain. Who is right? Of course, drinking water is better than sweet drink, but the lemonade can be consumed. Importantly, he was a natural: contained water, lemon juice and pieces of fruit according to your desire. To make this drink is in force, any person in a matter of minutes, and expenses for its creation will be much lower than buying the finished lemonade.

The fact that the purchased lemonade contains huge amount of sugar. This is what makes it not the best source of deliverance from thirst. Besides, it is nutritious, which can be said for the figure.

Buy natural lemonade is also possible. But we need to examine carefully the composition of the purchased beverage. Importantly, there was no flavorings, sugar.


Fruit juices are also popular for quenching thirst. This drink will not only get rid of dryness in the mouth, but also saturate the body with useful elements and vitamins. It is best to use fresh juices, but no more than once a day. The fact that such drinks can serbezno to irritate the stomach lining and even lead to the formation of gastritis. Even fresh juices contain a lot of sugars, although it is better than added sugar. In particular, hazardous juices of acidic fruits for people with a sensitive stomach.

Buy ready made juice faces the same problems as fresh. It is especially dangerous in terms of the content of added sugar. Do not believe the words: “100% juice!”. As a rule, it is a marketing ploy. Be sure to study the product before buying, if you care about health.

By the way, a good way is to dilute the juice (either store-bought or hand-made) water. This will reduce the concentration of sugar in the drink.


The brew is very often perceived as a summer drink, which is most often used as an additive to soups (e.g. soup). Thanks to amino acids and uglekislym will be able to quickly get rid of thirst. Besides, it has antibacterial properties, killing all harmful to the human body. He is a product of double fermentation, and thirst-quenching properties are defined lactic acid. Quite often in stores you can find fake brew, so if it does not quench your thirst, you should think about the naturalness of the drink. Best to drink chilled brew, which will allow you to avoid dehydration.

Milk drinks

It is believed that dairy products are an excellent remedy for thirst. Particularly useful in this respect yogurt. It is best to choose bifidokefir, which is enriched with special beneficial bacteria. It will help to get rid of the thirst and to restore the intestinal microflora.



Increasingly, in cafes and restaurants serve smoothies that can not only satisfy different substances, but also help to quench your thirst. This will be especially useful for people who are on a diet. Smoothies can be a great snack and thirst quencher.

What if a little water?

There are times when water at hand very little and it would be silly to waste the last drop, trying to get drunk. And the ability to buy something from the above list either. What to do in this case?

Rinse your mouth

The last glass of water you can use much more reasonable. Just type in your mouth a little of the liquid, then rinse it. Such action will help to soothe irritated mucous membranes. It will dull the desire to drink. So you can do indefinitely, and drinking is entirely optional.

Moisten face

The perfect remedy for the heat and to quench your thirst will be to wet face. The same applies to the underarms, wrists and elbow bends. There are receptors on the skin, and moisture will allow to cope with the problem. The body will cease to suffer so much if you do this.

Drink water with lemon

Already one SIP of this drink will allow you to trick the brain. Acid will block the sensitivity of the receptors of the oral cavity. In this case, you will forget about the thirst.


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