How to quickly and easily cope with stress at work

Как легко и быстро справиться со стрессом на работе

Very important in our stressanalysis time to know how to cope with this condition.

Как легко и быстро справиться со стрессом на работе

What to do when nerves are on edge and on the job fall down on you stress over stress? To survive in this complex society, and even in such a tense and turbulent times, should know how to resist stress. And they are in varying degrees present in every area of characteristic for any profession. To completely avoid their influence may not succeed, but to weaken you.

First, try to minimize the very stressful situation. The rule is to not be late for work, stay late. But home bear all operational issues and, especially, the problems are not worth it. The house should fully relax and gain strength.

To do is to make a schedule – get the weekly, which constantly keep on hand. So you will be as focused and will not forget the promises made by completing all planned. But to burden yourself with someone else’s work don’t let — pads, disruption and stress will be inevitable.

Maintain an active lifestyle and remember that even during small physical exertion, the body produces hormones of happiness. Organize your day so that there was a place for walking, Jogging – walk to work, do not use the Elevator.

Learn how to translate negative emotions into positive. The most simple – try to make a joke on the subject, so excited and offended you. If you don’t like the head — sign up for Boxing. Let pear take the rap for all this anger. I want to yell — go to karaoke near me and torment there with their singing guests, in the course of spilling the accumulated in the soul of negativity.
If you do not leave the desire to defeat the chief’s office or your workplace, start a home repair or help to finish his friends – the symptoms of the destroyer as the arm lift.

Constantly feed your brain. And give it a good “food” with a positive taste, look, read, attend only enjoy your movies, books, companies.

An important role in the ability to resist stress at work play snacks – a hungry man is an easy target for their damaging effects. So don’t skip lunch and it is reasonable to organize snacks – lean on is good for brain dried fruits with yogurt or yogurt drink green tea with mint and reinforces the handful of nuts.
And don’t forget the biggest confusion of the day to give yourself breaks (but not Smoking). Even 2-3 minutes every hour to change the kind of activity very useful: sit in silence with your eyes closed and come to the window and look at the world, listen to a favorite song or sit down 10 times. And, you can dial the number and hear the voice of a loved one.

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