How to quickly learn to manage their emotions: 23 effective way

Как быстро научиться управлять своими эмоциями: 23 эффективных способа

During the day, the person experiences a wide range of emotions. And very often they do not give focus on some thing important or even worse, appear at such time and in such place that after the emotions – you become ashamed of his behavior. To avoid this, it is important to know how can quickly learn how to manage their emotions.
Your attention 23 effective ways to manage their emotions and direct them in the right direction. Art therapy in this regard is the best assistant. To use all 23 way, you need only a pen, paper, and handy tools which are not difficult to find. Experience a certain sense – take a pen and draw.

Tired — draw flowers.Evil — draw the line.Hurts — lepi (hold the paper).Bored fill out a piece of paper in different colors.Sad — draw a rainbow.Scary — whip macrame or make an application from the tissues.Feel anxiety — do doll-motanka.Resent — tear the paper into small pieces.Worry — folding origami.Tense — draw patterns.It is important to remember — draw mazes.Disappointed — make a copy of the picture.Desperate — paint the road.It is necessary to understand something — draw mandalas.It is necessary to quickly restore power — draw landscapes.Want to understand your feelings — draw a self-portrait.It is important to remember the state — draw color spots.If it is necessary to organize thoughts — draw a hexagon or squares.Want to understand themselves and their desires — make a collage.It is important to focus on the thoughts — draw points.To search for the best out of the situation — draw waves and circles.Feel “stuck” and need to move on — draw a spiral.I want to focus on the target — draw the grid and the target.

Как быстро научиться управлять своими эмоциями: 23 эффективных способа

Various creative activities are perfect to help distract, calm down and recover. Is to find your own method of managing emotions.

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