How to react if someone else’s child misbehaves

5 strategies for parents.

Як реагувати, якщо чужа дитина погано себе веде

We all have witnessed the improper behavior of children, both our own and others. With your child we know and understand how to behave. What to do if someone else’s child misbehaves? 5 strategies for adults, how to respond to bad behavior, informs Rus.Media.

The behavior of other children is unacceptable? Rude or aggressive. For example, a child hits other children, breaks ground, picks out toys, call names, kick and so on. How to respond to bad behavior of another child?

Як реагувати, якщо чужа дитина погано себе веде

You don’t like the behavior of someone else’s child, but she’s not doing anything wrong, then be quiet. For example, the situation when a mother with a stroller comes walking to the Playground and asks them to be quiet because the baby is sleeping is not. Also you can’t expect another child to share the swing. Gently ask, Yes, but to claim no. If the child does not violate the standards of safety, personal boundaries, then you better remain silent.

Speak with the parents. If a child behaves aggressively, you have to ask for parents to pay attention to the behavior of their offspring. Psychologists advise to use “I-messages”. For example: “I’m worried that your child breaks a bench, because it can hurt themselves and other kids, and gives them a bad example”. Good to say: “would you intervene?” “Without you, we fail”. If you start to blame the parents of all mortal sins of their child, then they will protect her from you and constructive dialogue will not work.

Respect someone else’s child. If the parents are not around or they refuse to intervene in the child’s behavior, talk to her yourself. But in any case, do not evaluate – the “bad boy”, “bad girl.” Also you don’t belittle someone else’s child. Tell her how her behavior makes you uncomfortable, or that it’s not customary to behave in society. Your task is to firmly set boundaries. In the case of aggression can loudly say: “I don’t allow to have contact with my child.” If the child and then shows aggression, it is better to leave. This is not a failure. Thus you will show to your baby that it is not necessary to get into the aggression, if not managed to agree with the offender.

Як реагувати, якщо чужа дитина погано себе веде

Do not touch other people’s children. Grabbing the arms and shoulders, to shake, to withdraw, and even more so to raise a hand against another child impossible. It is punishable by law.

Strongly protect your child in case of regular bullying or aggression. If someone else’s kid hurts your regularly if it is bullying, threatening, demeaning, then it is necessary to protect your child. Do not expect that the conflict will be or what they will understand. Act decisively. Contact the parents of the offender. Not helped? Then go to the principal of the school, write a statement to the police. Your task is to protect the child from the abuser. Offenders should know that for their actions they will undertake, so be sure to stand up for your child.