How to read 10 books in a week: seven proven ways

Как читать по 10 книг в неделю: семь проверенных способов

To read has always been helpful, and now also very fashionable. In bookstores you can find a large amount of literature for every taste: psychology, business, motivation, artistic, scientific. Book bloggers and celebrities are actively promoting the reading, with the result that you have on the shelf a lot of books. But here a problem may arise as to overpower everything, when there is not enough time and sometimes effort. The owner and influencer Karina Helinska that reads lots of books, told Today.Lifestyle how to really read 10 books a week.
Your attention seven proven ways for quick reading books:

1. Create a time frame for reading

The ones that are in the room there is an invisible sign “do not disturb”, says Karina. Ideally, this hour morning, hour evening and hour on the move (in transport, during breaks).

2. Hang in a prominent place a check-list for each day

Draw a table, where the top and bottom time periods for reading. Put a check, after having spent the allotted time for reading, recommends Chylinska. According to her, there is a certain benefit: tick – motivated, godchildren – are motivated even more.

Как читать по 10 книг в неделю: семь проверенных способов

3. To read two or three books in parallel

Karina advises in the first half of the day to read complicated books, and in the second half of the day – light.

“I read 10 to 20 books in parallel. Switching between them is not difficult, but the process of reading with so many never stagnates” to share Karina.

4. Subscribe to the book bloggers and publishers profiles

They constantly share the cool books and you subconsciously want to read more, to keep up with all the news, says Carina.

5. Use the rule of 50 pages

If, after reading 50 pages, the book takes the direction of the paint and doesn’t draw the main message, it is better to close it, I’m sure Chylinska.

“It is likely that the book will be 99% composed of water or get her to read early and you don’t know what it is,” explained influencer.

6. Make lists of must-read

When the pages looking at you list of 200-300 books, you will automatically start to allocate more time for reading, says Carina.

Как читать по 10 книг в неделю: семь проверенных способов

7. To change its read speed

For this it is helpful to practice speed reading. Can try to master this technique with the help of the Internet, and can and to enroll in courses. But read speed definitely increase if you’ll read more assured Chylinska.

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