How to recognize a heart attack in women: symptoms that it is important not to miss

Как распознать инфаркт у женщин: симптомы, которые важно не упустить

One girl woke up late at night from retching. Considering a signal of the body is simple a symptom of food poisoning, she tried to sleep. However, at the insistence of her husband, she sought medical help, and that is what saved her life. Find out now how to recognize a heart attack in women!

Important information about women’s heart attacks

We all have heard about heart attacks and what they can bring. When a girl named sue fell into the hands of doctors, they are after the study was diagnosed with a massive heart attack. If not for the vigilance of the husband, for the girls that night would be their last.

What you need to know if you suspect a heart attack:

  • Many of women’s symptoms of heart attack are characterized by weak intensity or even lack of them. Along with this, heart attack is the most common cause of death among women of all ages. Knowing the signs of a heart attack to perfection can save lives.
  • All unusual and uncharacteristic symptoms or signals of the body should be taken into account. Particularly significant from the point of view of probability of symptoms is the area from the chin to the waist. Pain, nausea, pulling sensation and anything else that you never noticed before – this is a sure signal that it is time to immediately seek medical attention.

Remember: timely professional help can save your life from a heart attack. If you ignore the symptoms and signs that may be harbingers of an attack, it can cost lives. Be aware of yourself and take care of their own health, ladies!

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