How to recognize a manipulator: the three main symptom

Как распознать манипулятора: три главных признака

Human-manipulator can be recognized by the ordinary signs, which gives his speech and actions. This was told by Anna Boginskaya – bestselling author of “Live life”, writer-analyst, Executive coach and business analyst in an interview Today.Lifestyle.
“Irrationality, uncertainty, uncertainty. If you got to know and feel these three States are three “h”, then it is a manipulator,” she explains.

According to Anna, the manipulator somehow immerses its victim in uncertainty disappears, does not return calls, do not understand the relationship status.

“The phrase “he’s so mysterious” – the first bell in front of you a manipulator. Psyche that is able to be happy, met a man and if he didn’t call back, it is a reason to remove him from life. Destructive of the psyche is the beginning of a new love,” said Boginskaya.

In addition, the relationship with the manipulator, the victim constantly feels guilty fears and doubts.

“Thoughts: “I am guilty, I have something wrong, need to change.” Also the body will understand that before you paddle. My method of exiting adrenaline addiction no different from drugs,” says Anna.

Как распознать манипулятора: три главных признака

The expert said that all the power is within us. The power of our choices, thoughts and love.

“And I’m sure each of us are given freedom of choice at birth. And every day we make a choice that determines our destiny. But I also believe that a person has the matrix of a better future,” says Boginskaya.

Therefore, making the choice between a relationship with a man-manipulator and a – always choose the second option.

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