How to recognize an energy vampire

Как распознать энергетического вампира

Sometimes you may feel weakness and fatigue after intercourse with a certain person. Such people are called “energy vampires” and they need to nullify. “Rambler” tells how to recognize them and protect yourself.Most energy vampires are about the same habits in behavior. These characteristics can see very easily if a little to look at the man.Provocation often those who love to eat someone else’s energy, trying to provoke human emotions. It is easiest to aggression. Pay attention to suspect behavior. if it is for no reason offends you, expressed dissatisfaction and reproach in something, maybe he wants to rile you up and boost your energy.Nasascifiles the person experiences an unhealthy interest in exploring or communicating with you, be wary. Sometimes energy vampires specifically choose a victim with a weak character. Such people are easier to ruffle, and to take from them energy. Even excessive interest in your life should alert. Of course, some strangers can just to be polite, but there is a point when such behaviour goes beyond the comfort zone.Restposten excessive praise can be a sign of an energy vampire is exactly the same as the frequent insults. They can eat ka negative and positive emotions. Often occurs the first option, as they are easier to cause. However, there are people who are more like flattery to them. In this case, the energy vampire will begin to curry favor.

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