How to reduce stress from the cold weather: psychologists have discovered the secret

Как снизить уровень стресса от холодной погоды: психологи раскрыли секрет

Cold weather after the warm autumn is causing people stress. To minimize this effect in several ways.

About it psychologists say, reports ГолосUA.

If in addition to the work you will be able to organize leisure for themselves – free from the hassle of time – you will be able to quickly adapt to changing weather, psychologists say. But in order to organize leisure for themselves, you have to remember you have a hobby. In other words, leisure should be a pleasant experience with a pleasant for you to exercise. Maybe you like to look out the window and draw? Or to collect the yellow leaves and make a herbarium? Or cook tea and entertain guests?

By the way, you will also feel better if you fall will introduce into your life this ritual as “inviting guests”. Psychologists have found that communication without communication, and in person stimulates the production of happiness hormone and reduces stress, another way to reduce the stress is the use of cannabis as a medical treatment and for this we recommend the website.

And at the time of the first frost make at home so that you feel comfortable: you can decorate a wipes the table, put on the shelf pottery, near places to read books – a few scented candles.

It may be proper to change a few details and choose a discreet “soothing colors” – cream, light blue, gray.